Thursday, December 21, 2006

happy holidays everybody!!!!

thanks for everything to the following people!!!!
1. Jon Canares for bearing with me during the orientation of when to strike the lights and how to come up with the narration of the play.
2. Mam Jan for the enthusiasm.
3. Sir Boy for being a spectacular partner, your costumes and style are an inspiration.
4. Mam Weng, for keeping up with your word na sasali ka talaga..
5. the 3 angels, Mam Julie, Mam Aila and Mam Ruth, you shopaholics were the coolest! thanks for keeping up with the late night rehearsals and... shopping!!!!!! hahaha!!!
6. for mam ana kapunan, you're make up made wonders! it gave color to us all!
7. mam reg, you were fantastic! always on the go and walang keme! salamat gyud ga!
8. sir paulino for the time you shared with me
9. sir richie, panalo ang costume mo sa lahat! ayaw magpaawat!!!!
10. sir carl, even if madalian kang hinugot, you did well.... mahalaga ang ginampanan mong role, wala kami kung wala ka...
11. to mam leslie and sir taj, your presence meant everything. that's my way to thank God, you made it all happen
12. to the institute of nursing, your melody did not only soothe my soul but those of the audience as well...
13. to the pe department, you meant to draw the best in us, we thank you for that.
14. to mr. roberto tumaliuan..... my partner in this project.... literally(hehe! because of the lifts) and metaphorly speaking, you chose to lift me up when i'm down and you never left my side.... you are one true friend i'd forever treasure.
15. above all, thank you Lord... for the wonderful opportunities, for the endless blessings and for all the lessons for this year.... these all serve to be my steps into being a better person.

and to all those people in between, those i forgot to mention but played a great role, you'll all be cherished ..... thanks to you.....

congratulations to us!!!!

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