Friday, January 19, 2007

A recap.......

Long live 2006!!!!

This year, so many events, blessings and lessons were experienced. I can't deny that I became a better person because of them. Far from what I expected, I thought I'd be a stuck up this year. Because I thought I'd be doing the same old usual things I do...but it was the total opposite. "Firsts" are least expected as you get old. But it's amazing, God still gives me these "firsts" and man!!!! Was I swept off my feet for each...

Allow me to reminisce on my blessings....

This was also the year I passed my CGFNS and IELTS exams last March and December respectively. I have to say these are the best gifts for this year....Here are some of my co-reviewees in The Commonwealth Institute.

This year also, I got to celebrate my birthday 5 times. Of course it won't be possible if my precious friends weren't there to celebrate with me. It has been a year since this barkada was formed. Ronald, Ryan, Emil, Mike, Jaq, CJ, Hannah, Ate Cef, Jamie, VEra, and sa lahat ng extensions....Thanks y'all!!! For my Whiplash family, my Salinggawi dudes and dudettes, for my co-teachers and poker classmates, and elementary and high school crew, thank you so much!!!! To my girls,the Palmolive chikas, after 3 years of friendship, you still don't fail to make me feel cared for.... Thanks for all the concern and advice..... and for the attendance... you know what I mean! Hehehe!!!

Not to mention, the gift I got for my birthday this year, I choreographed this commercial led by Ms. Maha Salvador for a feminine wash.... Ryan Yngayo, a new friend of mine and Princess Hernandez whom I thought wouldn't be that close to me, got a role each and I was happy to have him casted by my agency. It's always nice to make people realize their potentials.... In line with this, I'd like to give thanks to my agency, Fatfish Casting Agency and AMA St. Augustine School of Nursing for all the projects. For Videofilm Productions and Wishcraft, Inc., more power to you..... Pat, thanks for gracing me with your talent with the photos you shot of me. You are one hell of an artist! Whiplash Dance Company, my co-dancers and my friends... you always molded me to be strong and developed as a dancer and as a person. Thanks for the discipline and the talent. Just so you, my beloved reader would know, this group helped me through my Nursing course. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be exposed to the biz!!!!! It's nice to know who are the real bitches and angels at the backstage. Harharhar!!!! Due to direct rehearsals we've been having with the Filipino artists, there really are moments when you learn something undeniable about them. But let me emphasize on Ms. Amy Austia's extravagant beauty. She really is amazing. Going back, I had a good time unleashing my talents as one of the performers in SHowgirls '06 in Music Museum, the PAPICA show
(which is a fund-raising project for kids to be sent to school) held in the Aliw Theater, "The Boy on a Bike", a musical play for the JG Summit held in Crowne Plaza reliving John Gokongwei's hard-earned success where I was lucky enough to work with The Company, Robert and ISAy Seña and Ms. Lea Salonga, Popstar kids show, Pinoy Pop Superstar Search, and SOP Sunday noon-time show.

I also would like to thank God for the knowledge you've given me. Because of this, I am able to share to my young students a part of me. I thank you my fellow co-teachers for being with me throught it all. It's nice to know that you're as goofy as I am when handling problems and when being screwed up. You are true professionals. You also contributed to me being strong. There are a lot of times we're stressed out but we see to it that we give our best for our students. And we see to it that the work is done right.... To each and everyone of us, may our goals be reached. For those that I may not see anymore because you are bound to go abroad or work somewhere else, you truly touched my life..... it is much appreciated, you should know that....

This year, I get to love myself as well by not depriving myself at all of the craziest things in the world such as
learning how to play POKER,
RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

keeping up with this blog and taking as many pictures as I can. I indulged to Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break never minding eyebags the next morning. It really just completes me as a person..... having idle times now and then. Hahaha!!! Because of these, I get to relive my long lost friendships. I get in touch with my colleagues way back from primary years and I am able to give time for myself to enjoy.

In addition, I wanted to lift up to God, these friends of mine who got engaged this year, April Belarmino, M.D. and fiance Jeff, and Ria Zamora and fiance Denny... I wish my bestfriend Sarah and Jeff the best as well, as they enter into a new venture in life as husband and wife! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

I can't really find the perfect words for how grateful I am to this added year in my life.

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