Monday, September 03, 2007


Too bad, I won't be able to celebrate my birthday with Jing and the rest of the November girls.


Come back again soon, ok? Use that free ticket from Cebu Pacific so that you could see Lan Kwai Fong.

I remember our Jordan nights when you slept over! Ahahaha! Kulang na lang, ktv!


It's nice that I've finally met you!!!!

You're such a bubbly, sweet, Barbie girl! Thanks for having us for dinner! I hope you liked the show the gays have prepared for you!

Getting punk with Milai, German and the Mikasa Volleyball!


Filipinos here in Disney tease me that I play like a guy. I guess, they're right!!!! Can I be a Hawaiian player? Nahhhh!!!! They play bare footed! I can't play like that!

Everytime I get some guests in the park during my day off, it would mean a morning stroll around Disney. And I tell you, it is one of the finests!!!! I'm glad I passed by Fantasy Garden!

Say hello to the baby Christians of the United Colors!!!!!

Little do we consider ourselves, so limited, so human....but if we pray together, we know that God would listen in our hearts....