Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what made my week

Kuya Nick's bday in Caribbean, Tung CHung rocked!
We all had a blast.

You wouldn't have a dull moment with this guy. He has such a happy aura. No wonder, even if at the age of 40, (and he's proud of it!) he could still make you look twice his direction.

Good times!!!!

Nina's bday...KTV night!

After playing volleyball at Seaview Crescent, we headed right away to Caribbean Coast.

Even if Nina was so sick to have this party, she still managed to have fun. Of course! Who w
ould resist Catv's singing prowess!!!! Hahahaha! That was so fun!

Volleyball games at Seaview Crescent This is our way to exhale here in Hong Kong during the weekends.
Why did this make my week? I was able to block Hogan!!!!

Yehey!!!! He's a huge Hawaiian spiker. He's really a warrior during the games but when he
asked me to block him, I was able to give it wholeheartedly. Ahahahahaha!!!! Yeah!!!!

Butterfly and Rainbow
I w
as able to get a feel of being one of the butterfly dancers and rainbow gals during the Mickey's Waterworks Parade. It was indeed a boost to my self esteem.