Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday.

A day of commemorating Jesus' ressurection.

We celebrate this to honor Jesus' promise of coming back to life.

It was a nice opportunity for Kuya Marlon to celebrate together with her daughter's 1st year over a Barbecue dinner by Pui O Beach.

The night was filled with laughter as we came up with fun games.

Pepsi-7up and Pinoy Genio created a laugh trip amongst all of us. When we got tired playing like kids, everyody sat down to sing the night away. Of course it was too bad for us to ignore the beach. So we followed Andrew while he was dancing his way to the beach. Butch, Ariel, Eric and Hogan graced God with their talents with the fire knives as the drummers strummed their way into bringing out the best they've got.

Now for me, this is truly a way of celebrating the goodness in our hearts.

We share, we laugh, we love.

Happy Easter!