Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There's nothing that could top having days off together. It's always a time for us to bond together. Most of the time, we end up exploring Tin Shui Wai.... everything about it. Well, besides the pool tables and the dart boards by the lobby, we get to enjoy Harbour Plaza Resort City's swimming pool. It's a fun location to relax. It's got peaceful and safe ambiance. You can even stay there for the entire day, hooked onto your iPod. Who knows that you're getting some snooze with your shades on? The water is a bit chilly though. But, that's all that you need during the Summer season, right?

A lot of times we catch ourselves with nothing to do so, besides getting a lot of sleep, we come up with extraordinary stuff to do. There was one time when we decided to cut off some of his hair for a change. That was my 1st time. It turned out good enough. Not bad for a start.

We also take a lot of walks in the park. Tin Shui Wai parks I can say are fine. They have different recreational facilities. We always opt for a place to throw some spikes. We just couldn't get Volleyball out of our system. A lot of fountains and garden beds surround the park. It's homey, spacious and peaceful. It's not allowed for people to smoke within the park so, it's really good for walking if you're after catching fresh air.

We also tried Hot Pot.

So much so, I still don't know when we'll be having the same days off... I guess there's one thing left for me to do.... reminisce, remember and hope. Hahaha!!!!