Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's up as of the moment.....

Work by: Pro Gelladuga
Such a magnificent talent.
Now this is what I call a live picture right there...

A friend of mine asked me to model for his
students taking up a course in lighting for
professional photoshoots. I had fun.
20 people taking simultaneous shots!
What an experience!

My colleague in the Bible Study and at work,
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate
Ms. Ela Lisondra for making a difference in Euro-Disney...
You go girl! Take it! It's yours!

Engr. Patrick Mabanta, choreographer, photographer,
a graphic/web designer and a good friend visited us with
his mom and brother.
And so did Shei, her sister and with their
loved ones.


Kuya Vincent, my brother from another mother, spent his birthday...
I just had to mention him because he had been a very
good brother to me.
Dude! I salute you! Happy birthday man!

The "Rock" graced Hong Kong Disneyland's Disney on Parade
of his presence 2 weeks ago. It was a surprise for all of us.
I wish I have known of that but since it was top secret... or should I
say top surprise, only the ones who worked that day witnessed everything.

Full-moon gatherings in Pui O are just but exciting,
most especially when I saw Hogan do amazing doubles for the first time.
You could smell the sweat. Hahahaha!!!! Real live action.
He's really a raging talent! He just has amazing hands,
a full God-given talent, which is not to be put to waste...
And what's so wonderful about it is that I get to play the drums.
I just love the music, the setting.... incomparable...

It was fun after several months of hibernation from parties,
Hogan and I had fun at Gil and Rowell's party segue to
bar hopping at Cathy's friend's bar and Solas. Yey!

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