Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It only takes a moment longer to do it right.
When you rush, you lose your place in your mind, your balance totters, your purpose dissipates.
Take time to see the beauty around you.
Take time to see the order, the existing plan, the architecture of the place.
Take time to see the balance, the imbalance, the light, the shade, the full places about to be emptied, the empty places about to be filled.
Take time to see the difference, the contrast, the supporters, and the antagonists.
Take time to see how you fit in.
Take time to find the right path, the course of passion, and the highest good.
Take time to find your place, and know before you do that it is always changing. Know that you have to be changing to fit in harmoniously.
Take time to know the intent of others, to understand the direction of the wind, the ebb of tides, and the emerging cloud faces.
Take time to see beauty.
Take time to know your response.
Take time to be beautiful.
The beauty that escapes you leaves a hungry soul behind.

"I appreciate the natural goodness of the human spirit. I realize how easily flowers fade. I accept that life is fleeting, and know how all of this beauty can slip away if I do not take the time to notice."

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