Sunday, December 06, 2009


Oh yes!!!! The wonderful TAIPEI 101.
A sky-high tower that highlights TAIPEI, TAIWAN.
It holds good shopping centres and attractions by the bottom part.
I could compare this to Rockwell Makati except for the high exterior.
This is one of the tourist spots you shouldn't be missing
during your first visit.

All of the people know that food is cheap and great in Taiwan. Here are just sample pictures of what I've seen. Local people there that I've been with told me about "Stinky Tofu" that "not" tasting it would make your knowledge of Taiwan delicacy incomplete. I tried to but unfortunately, it was too stinky for me. Hahahaha!!!! I lost the courage to go for it. Their Milk Tea is compared to nothing. It makes my mouth water right now just with the thought of it.

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