Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

Every 4 years, the FIFA World Cup happens and this year, 2010.... the opening was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The country welcomed the new season with colors, jet plane exhibitions and fabulous intermission numbers. The performers danced around the calabash cooking pot which inspired the design of the Soccer City Stadium and there was also a number wherein the performers danced after a giant mock up of a beetle. Several Africans wooed their own team as the Mexicans were scheduled to play agains South Africa after the opening ceremony.

And this inspired a very wonderful night at a good friend's humble abode. Tumelo Tokgwi cooked curry chicken and curry potato salad, had set a huge Jack Daniel bottle beside the TV (ready for shots for each of us once South Africa comes up for a goal) and South African uniforms (jackets, jerseys and jogging pants) for us to wear for the entire game for showing support as we slumped together on the living room carpet of his apartment. Together with Londiwe Ngubeni, Nombuso Gcabashe and Beula Makhetha, the amazing South African singers made a statement by showing us how their culture goes when it comes to FIFA WOrld Cup! Lots of dancing, screaming and jumping just to invisibly help South Africa to get the ball in the goal! Hahahaha!!!!!

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