Wednesday, February 09, 2011

January 2011

A great sense of fulfillment enwrapped me at the very start of 2011. The 5th year of HK Disneyland was launched together with the Flights of Fantasy Parade where Tinkerbell had transformed the park into a twinkling place of happiness and magic. Everybody had worked so hard for the guests to have an unforgettable experience this 2011. I was always a Disney baby and I never imagined that I would be working for it. And now, being a part of the most beautiful parade... that was way too much! But then again, as the intro of our parade goes, "Let your imagination soar!" This is a thought that I share with my partner in crime here. And that's why Hogan and I love our jobs and we cherish every opportunity that brings us close to the guests. This year, Tinkerbell is in the Pixie Hollow and Tangled's Rapunzel stand beside the castle ready to meet all of you who wanted to visit the park.

The media day which happened last January 21st, had brought a lot of reporters from all over the world including Philippines' Jessica Soho and Corina Sanchez... and they had covered a very good story about the Filipinos who have been working here for 5 years.

Indeed, this energizes all of us here who represents our country. A lot of us aim to be at our best just to be able to earn a living but the underlying strength is from our PASSION AS PERFORMERS. Personally speaking, I love how I see the kids so happy. It's my favorite to see when I perform. I can't thank the Lord enough for this capacity to offer them this kind of entertainment. I'm so lucky that they even go out of their way to see us in the park. Just to see us dance.

And of course, I would like to congratulate our choreographer, Jennifer Lawrence and with Randy's help, she had been promoted to show director. She was patient to all of us. Our shortcomings never stopped her from bringing out the best in us. She believed in our passion and she had molded each and everyone of us in this specific period of time into somebody better. We thank you Jen for everything...

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