Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fire Dance - Festival of the Lion King @ Hong Kong Disneyland [HD 1080p]

Thank you to Arnold Lee for having this performance
by Bobby King and Hogan Toomalatai
documented as they share to a thousand audience
the talent that God had bestowed them.

And to the rest of the people who always share their time to watch
and support us, taking our photos and uploading it at the very same day
they took it, we offer you our BEST every time
we would go out on that stage.


mary pauline avenido said...

Hi do u work in the festival of the lion king hongkong disneyland? I have the biggest crush on one of its fore dancer hahaha. Been watchinh you guys perform every year for around 5consecutive years already. :)

Katrina Toomalatai said...

I work in the parade team...