Thursday, June 07, 2012

50th Samoan Independence Day

The 50th Samoan Independence Day Dinner was a window
for me to meet a lot of Samoans residing here in Hong Kong.
It was such a great privilege to know Mr. Ramesh Mahtani,
the Honorary Consul of Samoa and his wife.
Along with their children, they hosted a gathering in the name of the Samoans
here in Hong Kong who continuously serve their country
with their own talents and  remarkable service.

Last year was held in their very own home. Hogan couldn't stop
talking about it when he got home as I remember.
Fortunately, I was able to attend the 50th along with his brother.

A couple of speeches, sharing well wishes for a stronger camaraderie
between Hong Kong and Samoa, were made to start off the evening.
Mr. Tony Nguyen, the Director of Protocol for the Government Secretariat Protocol Division
hopes for a direct flight from Hong Kong to Samoa
to help out more in the tourism and trading between the mentioned countries.*

Chief Malama Pilae (Samoan) had been staying here in Hong Kong for more than 20 years
ensuring Samoa's pride sharing the culture and value his own country stands for.
Some that I have met are rugby players, fire knife dancers/performers and academic scholars.

No time to get bored when you're around with Samoans that's for sure.
Samoa, being the heart of the Polynesia, had been lived by happy people.
There had been a saying that Samoans are known as the gentle giants.
I remember Hogan sharing that to me.
And I think I couldn't agree more.

Despite the title that they own as strong athletes, body builders, and fire eaters,
you'd be surprised how gentle those teddy bears are in the inside.
The night continued to be fun as they all graced us with their traditional dance.
Prizes were given to the lucky winners of the raffle draw.
I won coffee mugs!!!!!

Excitement didn't end there as we headed to Wan Chai
to have an after party ourselves. We enjoyed each other's company
and hanging out with them made me feel I'm at home as they are not
far different from Filipinos when it comes to having a good time.

Dancing the night away with one of my new friends, Samantha Scott,
made this whole experience memorable as we both share the Filipino blood.
(Click on her name for more details about this
award winning body as one of the best rugby players here in Hong Kong).
A part of her is from Bicol, which is actually near to my Dad's hometown, the island of Romblon.
I believe there are similarities with each of the island's respective dialects. 

And to that, I'd like to thank them all for the warm welcome.
Go the Manu!

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*For now, flights from Hong Kong to Samoa have to go thru New Zealand and/or Fiji.

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