Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Exciting Hong Kong Disneyland, October 2012

The Mickey Water Works Parade hold a great place in my heart.
You will naturally love it if you get to watch it,
and to my account, the more you'd enjoy it if you're the actual performer.
That's what I shared to the new batch that came in this 2012.
Being first timers, I thought of welcoming them by telling them
the story of how I loved it in the first place.

It was the first parade that I learned when I first started working here in HK Disney.
From 2007, every Summer, it was presented to a lot of guests
combined with different other shows. Namely, the Stitch Summer Dance Bash,

the High School Musical Live Show,
the Cars Show,
and the satellite shows where in each land,
you get to do a meet and greet with different characters such as
the Junior Space Rangers, Minnie doing the hula hoops or blowing
bubbles with Donald and getting a feel of the Polynesian fire knife performances
in Adventureland. Overall, it was the most enjoyable season for me to visit the park.
This year, 2012, it ran again after skipping a year (2011) to give way to
Hong Kong Disneyland's 5th year anniversary.
To celebrate that, the Flights of Fantasy was unleashed to
bring the guests' imagination to greater heights for one whole year.

We did two parades everyday, both FOF and Mickey Waterworks,
for 2 and a half months and I never realized how much I missed
all the summer fun 'til I get to do it again.

Now, we have started Halloween Parade and in addition to
the 2 roles I got, I would be doing the Zombie Waltz.
It's something that I find challenging that I had to ask
the veterans and the original cast for this when it started
about how they did it and what do they think about to give
justice to the role.

Watch out also for the extra shows happening in
Tomorrowland as the Trons and the hiphoppers get it
alive and pumping! The park has a new horror house
called Graves Academy and I believe it was disturbingly worth it to see.
The vampires and the werewolves also will prove to you
what they got as they come to a battle.
You've got to choose your side fast!

Don't miss on the spectacular shows HK Disney got for you this
Halloween season!
See you there!

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