Sunday, July 22, 2012


It's amazing how pictures could play a great role in our lives as they mirror
traces of memory, that even to us, the truth behind it is awakening.

It was seven years ago when I had my photo taken by Patrick Mabanta
whose creative efforts had given birth to the "Katrina Kyte Dalino pose".
He studied photography in Brunei then had put up his own business
in the Philippines that time (around 2005).
My sister advised that a photo is a good investment
if you want to land some commercials and gigs, so I had my own taken.
I'd say for both business and pleasure (for FRIENDSTER - lol!).
I was hesitant to own this pose as this photo shoot was
just for own usage coming up with zed cards to give to a number
of talent agencies in the Philippines.

When I decided to be part of the Disney family,
people started tagging me doing this pose and it made me feel
more than grateful to be remembered this way.
I love seeing them get inspired as they embrace their own beauty
and confidence in having their photos taken doing this exact pose entitling it
"a tribute to you" or just the mere fact that they feel beautiful in doing it,
putting on a fierce attitude and adding up their own personal touch.
But going deeper, I love it that they remember me this way.
In fact, all of their renditions were so good,
it came to a point that I felt intimidated as theirs
had looked way better than mine.

To that, I challenged myself to have my picture taken once again
considering the added experience, stronger motive and bold intentions.
It did show as looking at both of the images,
you would find remarkable changes.

My eyes became more relaxed and not too innocent.
My cheekbones had formed and all baby fats and/or chummy cheeks
turned to form a deeper angle chiseling the jaw.
My awkward lips had faded away and so did my two
front teeth that are longer than before for some reason.
I guess a woman had emerged alright.

For the latest Katrina Kyte Dalino Pose,
I'd like to extend my gratitude to Mark Bautista and his crew,
Jen Bautista and Joms Ortega for a wonderful photoshoot that we had last Sunday. 
Edited photos are yet to come up and I'd share it to you soon once
it's all completed and shared by the photographer.

I've included a slide show of the people who had shared
their photos doing the "Katrina Kyte Dalino pose".
A million thanks to all of you.

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