Monday, April 08, 2013

What makes it possible for me to prepare for a show in just 15minutes, tops!

I have been performing 269 days/ year for 5 1/2 years now. Different kinds of dance, costumes and make up under different types of weather to suit numerous roles. And I'm proud to say that I can get ready in 15 minutes, the earliest time possible, that I can put up these looks for good 30 minutes of non-stop dancing.

These are just but a few samples of 'em all.

And I've noticed that what eats most of my time is when I put on my make up. Specifically, when I do my eyebrows. In the beginning, when I just started performing for corporate shows and tv shows, back in the Philippines, I always allot at least 30 minutes just in working with my eyebrows alone. And I always get a "you're not a monkey, are you?!" comment. Yep! You get the picture? Ha! But after quite a while, I got used to it that people are saying that I put on a pre-made up mask already, rather than doing my make up from scratch because of how fast I can do it already. Don't I wish!!!!

So, for my DIY Monday,
let me share to you how I do it
by applying these simple steps in doing my eyebrows
before a show.

Steps 1-3 reminds you to shape it up properly by plucking the excess hair. You can consider shaving too if you're in a hurry. But plucking, threading and waxing makes hair regrowth finer.

Steps 4. Define plucked/shaped eyebrows with a brow liner, with a shade that compliments your skin tone. Be careful with the kind that you'll use. Oily/Soft-tipped ones & creamy ones need to be applied minimally so as for your brows not to appear too thick.

Personal Tip: When I perform, I match the color of the brow liner with the role I do. Perhaps with my hair or depending on how strong my features should be.

Steps 5 & 6. Blend using an eyebrow brush to give it a full illusion and to maintain the natural outlook.

Steps 7-9.
Highlight your eyebrows by applying little amount of light eye shadow under the bony arch. Blend it well for your defined eyebrows not to appear too drag-queen-ish. The idea is, "Don't settle for a "cake-y" finish. Using the padded side of your middle and ring finger tips help a lot in blending it evenly without putting too much pressure on your face.

Steps 10 & 11. Redefine by using the brow brush for a final finish. Make sure edges are softened because if not, you might end up looking like you just had a line tattooed atop your eye.

Personal Tip: Doing your eyebrows by defining them don't end there. If you must, make your way to the sides of the nose bridge with a shade of light brown (maybe, just a little bit darker than your skin tone for a reference) to emphasize its height. BLENDING is the secret to it all.

They say once you've done your eyebrows almost perfectly symmetrical, everything follows. From the application of eye shadow, to blush and lipstick, practice makes perfect.

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