Monday, June 10, 2013

Check this out!

For "D-I-Y Monday" and "Laid Back Tuesday",
I've combined both by presenting to you some basic videos
that you could learn and do by yourself to gain some new
knowledge in finishing up household chores fast,
pumping up casual style and
in adding different trends to make something unusual.

1. This is a video I've encountered way back when I was in College. The first of its kind was from a Japanese lady demonstrating the fastest way of finishing up with your laundry. Here's a more detailed version of it in terms of instructions.

2. Don't throw away t-shirts that you don't like because you can transform them to something cool like this.

3. I have a lot of scarves at home and I have benefited in this video in so many ways. Watch and learn.

4. Some of you might enjoy experimenting with different materials. This is just an example of that potentiality. So, go and get that creative juices to work with this video as a guide.

5. This could be a good project between you and your daughter or any younger sibling, cousin or friend. I remember spending a lot of time doing this during summer with my aunties before. And those are one of the best childhood memories that I wish I could hold on to. Share this activity with somebody in your family. Or you can make a business out of it.

I'll share more do-it-yourself videos next time. Hope you enjoyed watching and doing these!

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