Friday, November 01, 2013


In my previous post, I have mentioned how important it is to own a healthy eating habit. 
Now that November is here 
and the winter months are about to trigger the hibernate mode,
it is fairly important to own 
an active lifestyle by starting with a simple challenge. 

Take a close look at it. Notice that despite the progressive exercises, it also includes rest every now and then. Now, emphasis on the "challenge" transforming it into a "habit". I did mention before that our body is very much capable into adapting to anything new that you introduce it to. Most of the time, when gradually done, it becomes stronger to adapt continuously and even to an extent beyond imagination. I won't go overboard with what I will encourage you to do today. This exercise table is something that you can balance your food intake with keeping your body fit while eating right. There is no reason for you to neglect yourself as far as being sedentary most of the time. This chart will guide you all the way thru and the best benefit you'll gain is good physical and mental health.


One thing I noticed about people is that, they hate it when they are being told of what to do. Now, before you start any exercise challenge or workout regimen, decide for no one else but yourself. It could be of any form (yoga, tae-bo, zumba) that you think would work for you. This challenge that I presented is the easiest for those who are physically capable ("x" to the following for ex.: heart problems, bleeding, amputee). Nonetheless, there is still a number of special sets of exercises for everybody. You just have to find what suits you best.

Focusing on the chart, it does state at the bottom that you could split the day exercises however you want. It is very lenient that it didn't even include the speed of how they should be done nor the break time you should impose on yourself in between unlike those of the hard core exercise videos. It is liberating in a way that it encourages you to be your own boss. With that much discipline, dedication and will power to this, you'll develop a good habit and will gain a sense of self achievement. I figured that commitment is the name of the game. For you to be able to do it everyday, it is advisable to cut time from doing social networking to get ample rest (just a suggestion that may do you good). That way, you'd be able to start your day right. Better yet, you can start it early. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to do what is ought for the day in the chart above before you do your usual stuff. That way, a bath is more soothing, breakfast is more endearing and your drive is at its very momentum.


At first, you'd find yourself feeling awkward with all of these exercises. You should know that it's normal. But later on, your body will adapt to it, developing the necessary muscles, strengthening your core, making your mind more determined. That's the beauty of allowing yourself to do things gradually. It lets you see and feel the results and from that "before & after" standpoint comes a decisive moment whether to move on or not.

Also, here are some of the guidelines that you should be aware of when engaging to the exercise you do:

1. Do not under estimate the cry of your body for rest. Push it to the limit but be cautious. If you have chosen to do insanity for example, make sure you do the trial test first as instructed. You don't want "feeling great" to be substituted by "i wish i didn't".

2. Make sure you stretch before and cool down after any form of exercise for your body to get warmed up to avoid injuries and to minimize being sore the next day.

3. Don't overdo an exercise most especially when it's your first time doing it. Engage the right muscle group per exercise again to avoid injury.

4. Wear proper attire when going to the gym. Bring your own bottle of water or energy drink to replenish your thirst and bring your own towel. You can never be sure of the portable drinking fountain.

5. Having a work out buddy helps and some are motivated just by a pumping music. Some gym etiquette should be observed. Bring headphones with you if the gym music doesn't suit the work out you're doing. Don't chitchat with your friend like you own the entire room. Put back to where you got the weights, mats and gym ball that you used for others who need them too.

6. If you want to test your limits and you know that you need somebody else to assist you, don't hesitate by asking politely instead of insisting that you can do it on your own FOR SAFETY PURPOSES.

I have pretty much shared what I know. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. If it includes, "Are you doing the exercise yourself?" I actually did with a pre-cardio workout. I suggest you take a jog first, 3-5 minutes, just to build up a sweat. Then do some stretches before you complete the suggested workout in the first image above. We're all in this together. Have fun and share what difficulties you have encountered.

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