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CAFE 1950

Quite unique from the outside exterior to the inside.

I am almost hopeless in going around Tin Shui Wai to find a different restaurant to dine into. The choices are so limited. Or so I thought. Because today, my daughter and I ran into Cafe 1950. And I thought it was worth a try. Located in Tin Shui, it was just a 10-15 minute walk from where I live, literally behind the building pass the park. And where I walked is totally safe and stroller friendly.

their menu

So as I was checking it out from the outside, they got this huge menu that was so appealing to me because of the serving, the presentation (totally different from the others since some dishes are plated on a wooden chopping board which I find to be the latest culinary trend lately) and most especially, the worth of each dish. As you can see, it ranges from HK$72 up to HK$200. Not bad right?

See how those lights (often can be seen in a green room as spotlights)
match the wall and the rustic ambiance. It seems like they
are the link to how the well decoded walls had got connected to the plain ceiling.

the hues carefully compliment
the interior of the place
I was decided. I went in and was surprised that there was just a couple sitting at the far end corner of the room and us who were there at nearly dinner time. In my mind, that says "it might not be good otherwise, it'll be packed." It didn't stop me from going for it though.

The restaurant's interior was quite rustic and spring-y in style. It looked fresh and laid back to me. It was very tidy, and every decor matches each other giving birth to a breathable atmosphere. The green plants stylised it into becoming unique and welcoming. Everything was simple and the shades used to compliment the bowls, plates, the drawers where the condiments are, were kept subtle. Green, white, teal, beige or nude and rust were hues that you may see in a beach house. Green for any plant, white, for the clouds, teal for the sea and rust and beige for the sand. The electric fans mimicked the blowing winds in a beach house. The high ceiling gave it enough space for a breezy feel.

Sad to say though, I got annoyed as soon as I was stopped to choose where to sit. I wanted to have a feel of their couched booth so, I went for it but they said, "You should make your baby sit on you." And added, "So that you can fold your stroller." So, I asked, "Do you have a baby seat?" They said no so I said, "Oh no, she'll just sit on the stroller then, it's safer." But they disagreed and was pointing me to a tacky area. I asked why I had to stay there because of the stroller and they said, "Because it's in the way." I tried to contain myself but I had just let go of a sarcasm, "By all these people?" There were none. So, they were caught speechless. My buttons were pushed right before I was about to try their food.

Literally, there were no people at that time to complain of my stroller. Anyways, I'm sure it was just lack of understanding on their side. Because I was trying to convince them that it won't take long for me to eat. So I ended up sitting on one of these tables. I initially would like to try that one at the far end but explaining to somebody who doesn't speak English well is hopeless. I didn't want to ruin the excitement I have so I had just conformed.

The menu was well presented. Individual choices come with a choice of soup, rice or noodles and drinks. There are also choices where lunch and dinner sets are available on a cheaper price. I think this depends on what is on season as per ingredient needed.

I was craving for something different yet fulfilling. For a price of HK$72, I got a satisfying grilled chicken on white curry sauce with a cup of steamy rice with cheesy scrambled egg on top. Garnished with some flaky seaweed, it had delivered an unexpected tactile sensation that I've been longing to have for quite a while now. Don't get me wrong, I love home cooked food but there comes a point that you long for something different. Along with my meal came a usual tasting creamy corn soup but with a delightful hot Lemon Tea. I swear this tea was so relish it made me ask if it's from Korea. Because some of their drinks like the lime soda are featured Korean.

as presented

as you open
Grilled Garlic Oyster - HK$1/piece
I also ordered a take out for my husband. Angus beef steak with rice, with a choice of pepper steak (from garlic and/or gravy) and soup. I got him the Korean Lime Soda for a price of HK$134. It didn't take them too long to bring my order and a little over 2 minutes, the water tried his best to speak in English to me in offering grilled garlic oysters for a dollar. Minimum order was 2 pcs. So I ordered for the sake of maximising my dining experience in Cafe 1950. I didn't trust it at first because I was worried that they may be giving out this deal just to finish up an "almost rotten" bunch. But no, I approve along with my husband that it was nicely done. All of their services were on time and was hot enough for perfect consumption. But if it would come a time that by the moment you decide to try this, and there are a lot of people already, you could log on to their wifi and for me this completes my 3 stars out of 5 for this dine-in newbie.

It was taped beside the cutlery box that gives out a very good message for the customers. 

These maybe unnoticeable to some but these are the little things that make this haven a trendy place to visit. I like how minimal it is, how rustic and warm and most of all, modern. Go and try it if you are around Tin Shui Wai. It sits near the Tin Shui Market. Happy Wine and Dine Wednesday!

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