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Filipino overseas workers always consider finding authentic Filipino restaurants around here in Hong Kong like finding a gem.  There are just a few. That's why, when they find a good one, words spread out like wild fire. A couple of nights ago, my friend had flown from the Philippines to attend a convention. We took her out for dinner and agreed on Food Trip, in Jordan. It was just my first time to eat there but I would rate it up as 8 because of the air-conditioned extension at the 1st floor across the building of the original location. They had to have that extra space because they're food is so good that their customers are not limited to Filipinos only.

With a hospitable team of servers, it was like eating at home in the Philippines with the vibe of positivity and fun over a good delicious feast. Filipinos are known for their warmth in welcoming guests and visitors and this is practiced in Food Trip. From work, my friends had indeed chosen a great place worth of my money and my time. I didn't have to go to work but I had a fair share of hunger with the rest. I expected and believed that Food Trip would exceed my expectations when I heard their description ... and it certainly did, ... even more.


Situated in Shop J, G/F, No.2 Saigon St., Jordan, it may be accessed in several ways. You can order UBER and/or a cab to take you there but the fastest, cheapest and easiest way is the train. From exit B3 of the Jordan station, Food Trip is just but a 5-minute walk. For people who love exploring and who love long walks, it is worth it to put an effort finding it if you're around Mong Kok.

Jordan is known for its Temple street for shopping segue to its street dining experience right after. What Food Trip's edge is that they are able to cater to Filipinos longing of a good authentic Filipino meal. A few restaurants strive in cooking dinuguan, sinigang, and tinola just to be called a Filipino restaurant but the taste is "not quite" the same as in Food Trip. In here, you could tell that the chef got that gift of tongues,... and more. So, with that patriotic touch yet natural talent, Food Trip stays jam packed during weekdays (We went there on a Monday) too. And we had to eat at the room they reserve for big a number of people. Meaning, apart from the small corner pertaining to the picture above, there's an extension across the street that is more comfortable for everybody. So don't worry that you may have to wait a long time to settle. Before you know it, they have a table ready for you.

Halo-halo is an original
Philippine dessert. 

We had ordered viands to be shared and the garlic rice had made them extra zesty at every bite. One of us had eaten dinner already so she ordered the infamous halo-halo for dessert.

The rest of us couldn't resist the temptation to get Lechong Kawali, Pancit Bihon, Dinuguan, Tinola, Karekare, Inihaw na Pusit, Bicol Express, Lumpiang Shanghai, Crispy Pata and of course, Chicken Pork Adobo. If you're a Filipino, you would understand how meticulous each dish is in terms of taste, ingredients and meat. These are the most sought after in the Philippines for every overseas worker because these are delicacies that are solely owned by Filipinos.

Overall, with each dish good for 2-3 people, the price was worth it! The total was just around 1,500+ and there's 10 of us. That means, it was HK$150 each more or less. Let's just put a range of HK$100-200/person if you are eager to go alone or with a friend. Some are quite familiar of how it goes around Food Trip, so they ordered in advance. By the time we got there, we didn't have to wait so long for the food to come. To do the same, contact the number: 2332-3643 and just let them know that you want to pre-order.

Here are some of the dishes that we have tried:

my order: Pancit Bihon
Tinolang Manok
Crispy Pata with Garlic Rice


It is quite common in the Philippines that mini-convenience stores, bakeries and small eateries are put up in street corners. Because of this kind of setup, local people catch up with their gossip while they get to finish their drink or smoke and those who stay in dormitories while finishing college are able to eat a complete meal for a very affordable price. As you can see on the very picture above, Food Trip is set up this way. So that for me, reminds me so much of how it is back in Manila.

With the secluded extension, they designed it with banderitas which signifies festivities in the Philippines and the walls are decorated with paintings of things that you would only see in the Philippines. The Mayon Volcano, the first painting from the left, is one of the majestic tourist spots in Bicol, Philippines. Next is a painting of a jeepney, the most common mode of transportation in Manila and Taal, where a volcano lies inside the mouth of another volcano, is featured with carabaos surrounding the crater, a farmer's best friend in the Philippine provinces that helps in toiling the soil of the plantation.

The music background of the room had brought us back for a couple of hours to our youth with familiar Filipino jams back in the 90's. The toilet was a sanctuary. It was huge and was very homey. Super tidy, you question if it's really for public use.


You have to park at your own risk around the area, it's situated in a not so busy street so I think you won't have a problem finding space.

Jordan station is accessible thru the red and green line. So whether you are coming from the Kowloon or Hong Kong or New Territories, it's pretty much the same distance come what may.

Food Trip is open from 6pm to 5am. And in terms of payment, cash and eps (thru Unionpay) can be done. There's a lot of ATM's in the area so if you need it, it's pretty much accessible. Open Rice had set the budget to as low as HK$50/person. This can actually be given justice by their set meals. Lately, they have had a lot of requests to open earlier so they have changed it to Mon-Thursday, 2pm to 5am then Friday-Sunday, 12pm to 5am.

Any updates that may come could be checked out in their own Facebook Account under the name: Foodtrip Bedana's Filipino Restaurant. Just search this one and you'll get hold of the latest about Food Trip!

Kain tayo!

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