Friday, November 03, 2006

Best Pictures of 2006

Way back 1996, I wondered why my mom was so into bringing a big bag of camera all the way across Europe and U.S. as we toured to the most prestigious places. She went crazy taking shots of the exquisite spots, I know. Namely, the Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace, EPCOT Center, Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland Florida, and Las Vegas' finest hotels...That is the reason why. She most especially chose Canon in capturing this breath-taking views and believe it or not, it still is alive and kicking. Or at least, one of them is.
But never did I appreciate photos, not until today, 10 years later. After graduating from the thermos' sized camera, I finally got my digital one after bagging my retrogression fee in FEU..Canon, still because of its unbelievable life span. From then on, I really can't help but convince myself that I should at least capture every moment with friends, family and just about of anything. I recently developed a hobby of appreciating pictures taken by friends, displayed by colleagues and presented by talented people. I've collected some of the best and I'm planning to create a blog for it by the end of the year.
Watch out for the BEST PICTURES '06... Yours might be one of it!!!!

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