Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spa in your own Home!

Hi everybody! It's DIY Monday again and to start off your week, let me help you in unleashing that potential you got that rests for way too long. But the most important thing to remember is to start realizing that you have it. So let's pamper "you" this time with these spa treatments that you didn't know can be made in you own home. 

1. Relaxing Bath - Rosewater* helps in keeping your skin moisturized. Coconut milk on the other hand, not only moisturizes, but it also boosts your skin's elasticity for its rich Vitamin C and Copper contents. These actually play a great role in decreasing wrinkle formation. Use them both and benefit from the calming effect of a relaxing bath to get you ready into going to bed. It's better to do this with luke warm water and candles to relieve you from stress. This is also suggested to insomniacs as a way to get a good sleep.

2. Skin Moisturizer - From all the hustles and bustles of the outdoors (early morning demands of work, sun, pollution, vices, make up, late night partying) combined with stress, bad habits and poor circulation, your skin needs to breath every now and then and you could rely on nobody else except yourself to achieve that. Honey has antibacterial and antifungal benefits while olive oil serves as an anti-aging agent. These products, when put together, even out your skin tone and instantly brightens your skin.

3. Facial/Body Scrub - The SKIN is the largest organ of the body. It needs to be nurtured, moisturized and cleansed. It can be helped to regenerate by doing facial/body scrub every once in a while, say 2-3 times a week. It is tempting to invest on fragrant scrubs that any beauty shop sells but you could be as organic as you choose to be in your own little way. Since honey has a moisturizing and nourishing effect as well (besides being an antibacterial), and brown sugar is the most cost-effective, natural and not too coarse of an exfoliant, putting this together could be the fastest, easiest and most affordable way in keeping your body silky smooth. Just be warned that exfoliating is not to be done over wounds and/or burns.

4. Lip Scrub - According to my beauty bible, Cosmopolitan Magazine, these are just a few of the reasons why we get chapped lips, hence needing of a lip scrub.

a. You probably have this habit that when you're stressed out: you either bite on your lip or are subconsciously peeling your lip with your teeth (either while reading, writing or doing something).

b. You might have used your facial scrub over your lips too and/or too much that it may have had broken the barrier that helps moisture locked for your pucker to be kept plump.

c. You might be using lipsticks that contain Cinnamates which is responsible for the good smell of your lipstick.

d. You might not be using the right lip balm for you. Choose the one that's petroleum-based since waxed-based formulas offer less protection.

However, a lip scrub saves you from dry, cracked and peeling lips.
Achieve this after a lip scrub.
A lip scrub is a grainy cream or paste that you rub on your lips to help the dry skin slough off faster, thus, letting your lips uncover its true suppleness. You probably might be thinking that you're applying your lip balm or lip gloss faithfully to moisturize your lips continuously but often times, we are unaware that our lips may not be active in absorbing the moisture it needs because of the extra layer of dry skin. Remember that your lips are sensitive and are full of nerve endings that it may also irritate easily so before you get attracted to buying the perfectly tubed lip scrub, think again as you probably can prepare it at home and would not worry if it's edible or not. Check out the formula above.

5. Anti-redness Facial

Sometimes, you are clueless about blotches on your face. And whether it's red or of darker tone than your natural skin color, it simply tells you one thing: it needs "immediate" attention. Some of us have sensitive skin and if you're not allergic to eggs, its yolk could be of a remedy. Egg yolks contain retinoids that regulate excessive oil production on the face leaving it moisturized and smooth. Combining it with the lemon juice, it helps your skin fight acne formation. Lemon juice is beneficial to the skin in terms of its Vitamin C content which helps in the formation of collagen making our skin (which is made of collagen) firm and young. It also has a bleaching effect that helps lighten dark spots. Unless contraindicated by your dermatologist, applying this regularly can hasten the disappearance of redness or dark spots.

Caution: Use lemon juice externally on the body only at night. It makes your skin photosensitive (sensitive to light). Exposure to sun would be extremely harmful so use sunscreen diligently after using lemon on your skin. *

It was important for me to get you empowered when it comes to taking care of your face because like how me and my friends consider it, it is an INVESTMENT!!! Hahaha! Take care of it and never hesitate to treat yourself to these "organic" formulas. Be as natural as you could be when choosing what to apply to your face because the perfectly packaged and tubed creams are mixed with harmful chemicals that for all we know may be the exact reason why we have acne, rashes and skin infection. If you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to write your comments below. I am welcome for any additional tips that I may have missed to include and don't hesitate to introduce your own DIY formulas by leaving a link on the comment box.

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