Wednesday, March 07, 2007


  • Be Present

The past is stale. The future does not exist. The present is fresh. Being present cuts through past entanglements and future anxities. It brings you together. If you let your past overshadow your life, you will never be able to live freely and spontaneously in the world.

  • Observe yourself

Pay attention to who you are. No one else can observe you for no one else know you. But observe yourself gently, and do not judge yourself. You must give yourself unconditional acceptance-even if no one has ever given this to you. Do not allow things to stay buried.

  • Be Nothing

Absence is more important than presence, for absence is the cradle in which presence is laid. There is no anticipation quite so keen as that created by emptiness and no possibility so pure as that of the clean slate. This way you can find your best self, your essence.

  • Flee Attachment

Attachment makes us blind. We identify ourselves with those around us and the things we believe in. We choose the focus of our passion, identify accordingly and consign everyone else to hell. When we attach, we cease to be open and generous towards creation and it leaves us figting a corner rather than living the world.

  • Transcend Suffering

We have a simple and significant choice with suffering-resent it or accept it? If we resent pain, we become negative, if we accept pain, suffering becomes transformed. It is difficult, it requires a sense of trust but is ultimately healing.

  • Drop your illusions

We are not in control of our lives. Neither should we desire to be. Our thoughts are transient and should not rule our lives. Illusions put pressure on us to be someone we are not.

  • Prepare for Truth

Knowledge is esily passed on. No one can pass on understanding. You can only prepare yourself to understand. Do not search for truth, but unveil it through the fearless and simple exposure of error in yourself. Out of this quite exposure of error in yoursel. Out of this quiet exposure arises a new space within, in which we can receive new impressions.

  • Cease Separation

It is easy for the soul to panic and lose relationship with its essence. The separate self is a touchy individual, quick t take offense-this is what makes us selfish. Do not confuse your physical body with your self-be one, be your essence-your body is merely a tool.

  • Know your soul

Your soul is everything-mediating between our personality and our essence, and part of both. It is your window on reality and your experience of reality. Explore it so you can know who you truly are and realize that you are not a machine.

  • Fear Nothing

Defeat your own fears s you can help others. We do not trust life and are fearful of different things, but we must learn that nothing can harm our essence. It is indestructible, and therefore we are indestructible.

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