Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I aim to...

1. have an electric blue car and a plate no. of kyt 888 or dud 888...

2. have a house at GREENMEADOWS and color it tangerine. I would like to have a dance studio inside it. A room filled with mirrors where I could dance like nobody's watching.

3. be able to see the pyramids of EGYPT, ride a love boat in VENICE, shop at SINGAPORE again, ride the PARIS's Eiffel Tower's elevators again, walk through the Great Wall of CHINA, pass by the River of the Nile, have or renew my wedding vows or be baptized in River Jordan, see the Niagra Falls and the Taj Mahal.....

4. learn how to speak Japanese, Chinese or French. Either of these 3 would give me a degree of satisfaction.

5. bungee jump. Or sky dive. ANything that will surely take my breath away. Not my life please... Hahahaha!!!

6. perform internationally.

7. put up a business. I still can't figure out what. But I'm planning to have a line of apartments in the United States perhaps? Somewhere in Chicago. Or Seattle.

8. come up with a good sketch. Something that I could display in my own home someday.

9. fulfill my womanhood by giving birth. You may find this silly because naturally, a woman gives birth, right? But this is really a huge deal for me. Because, this is one of my fears... to give
birth to a child. I fear being cut that's it.

10. be with my soul mate......