Sunday, April 29, 2007

Let's deal with your PMS!!!!

PMS or Pre-menstrual Syndrome is still a taboo to a lot of women today. This syndrome is the one responsible why we, beautiful women are treated as monsters by our boyfriends or simply by the people around us once every month. One or a combination of any of the following may be the signs and symptoms.
MOOD SWINGS = To ease the the emotional roller coaster, skip caffeine (Ex. coffee, tea, chocolates, sodas) that week, since it can up your irritability, and try to work out to release tension from your system. Taking the pill, which regulates hormone levels, and getting 1,200 mg of Calcium daily may also help.
BREAST TENDERNESS = Reduce aching and sensitivity by taking Vitamins E and B6 supplements, wearing a well-fitting bra, and avoiding salty foods. Warning: If your breast soreness is accompanied by redness, nipple discharge, or fever, you may have an infection, so see a doc.
FATIGUE = Try deep-breathing exercises to relax at night, and exercise regularly to boost your energy during the day.
FOOD CRAVINGS = Craving into those high-cal hankerings once in a while won't kill you. But if you'd rather not, try eating 6 minimeals a day with plenty of complex carbs (whole wheat bread, brown rice), which help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you from feeling fuller longer.
MIGRAINE = Avoid (as much as you can) stressful situations, events and people. Don't deprive yourself of anything. Treat this as a cue for you to go to a spa or salon and get pampered. Sometimes, the body needs some attention also you know.
Sources: Susan Johnson, MD, Professor of OB-Gyne at
the University of IOWA College of Medicine
in Iowa City;
Mayo Clinic; Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines
(September, 2005, p.230)


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