Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weather and Clothing

SPRING: March to Middle May

Temperature and humidity rising. Spring evenings can be cool so a lightweight jacket should suffice. Temperature ranges from 18 degrees C to 27, humidity about 82%.

SUMMER: Middle May to Late September

Hot and Humid with temperature that ranges from 26 degrees C to 33 and humidity near 86%. Short sleeves and cotton clothes work best, with a lightweight sweater for air-conditioned indoor ares. An umbrella or hat works well to ward off the sun.

AUTUMN: Late September to Early December

Clear and sunny days are the norm in autumn. Short sleeves and light jackets are most suitable at this time of year. The average temperature ranges from 18 degrees C to 28, humidity about 72 %.

WINTER: Middle December to February

Cool with low humidity. Temperature can drop to 10 degress C. Occasional chills make woolens and overcoats worth bringing. Temperature ranges from 14 degress to 20. Humidity: 72%



Electricl Voltage:

The standard electrical voltage in HK is 220 volts AC, 50Hz, so you will need an adaptor for your 100-volt appliances and electrical equipment. The majority of electrical outlets in Hong Kong take a 3-pronged plug.

Human Will + Divine Will = SUCCESS

For me, this is the greatest formula ever made. Now that I've made it here in Hong Kong Disneyland, I feel very much blessed for all the graces God has bestowed upon me. It's not just because I got the job but how I got it. God was with me through out it all.

In becoming an OCW at 24, there were times when I almost gave up in minding my documents... because of medical surgeries that I almost had... Nevertheless, I didn't lose hope. Now walking in the Main Street of the Disney Theme Park made life even sweeter!
The moment we got here, our welcome package was handed right away which contained our schedule until June 5. We were so glad though since it won't be that boring for us since a lot got here with nothing to do. We headed to the bank to open our account (for the salary, that's the primary thing we should settle of course!!!)...via the MTR. They have this MTR card called the "Octopus card" that's very useful since it can pay your bills. Ex. Watson's, fastfood chains and vendo machine. It's an instant debit card. Compared to the Philippine's MRT, they call theirs as MTR. Disney has it's own MTR line though called Disney Line. Cool, ain't it?
Hong Kong offers great gadget deals! Compared to the Philippines. For techies, laptops and digital cameras are offered at very low prizes, even portable DVD players with screens. Our good days here in the Disneyland Hotel are about to end. And we're soon off to Pa Mei. An area where most of the Filipinos stay. We got a flat, complete with appliances, internet via satellite ready and fully furnished for HK$ 5300. Pretty good deal. A lot of my escapades are yet to be blogged. Watch out for them soon!