Thursday, June 28, 2007

Event Name: Disco Kandi Asia Tour

Date: 23rd June (Saturday) 2007 Hed Kandi

DJs: Luke Neville & Rees Bridges (Dirty Vegas) on Percussion
Support DJs: Arun R. and guests to be confirmed soon

Tickets: HK$230 in advance and HK$300 on the door

Venue: FINDS, 2nd Floor, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong Time: 11pm till late

This was indeed a blast!!! I was so glad my friend Tim got me booked for this party. What I was surprised about? It was how Finds managed to handle all the people. Well.... to tell you the truth, there were some problems with the air conditioning units... they really can't handle the heat. I guess that's what the party's all about. Finds was swarmed with hot people, hyped up with hot music. What more could you ask for but more flowing drinks!But... being too hot to ask, Roy, the bar tender was nice enough to bill mine on the house..


The HED KANDI core values is a boutique luxury brand, reveres style and represents quality. Is unisex is appealing to male and female/straight, gay and its signature images of beautiful girls which encompass everything that is HED KANDI (cool, sophisticated, glamorous, stylish, sexy and luxurious).

About FINDS:

FINDS’ chic interior is inspired by the Scandinavian winter.

Soft flowing ceilings with a dazzling chandelier and a turquoise circular banquette

seating as well as a barely visible Private VIP area, seen through a crystal curtain.

FINDS serves the best Scandinavian cuisines with a twist of style.

A private Urbane Terrace is the best place to see and to be seen.