Monday, July 09, 2007


It's important that you keep yourself healthy. But being healthy doesn't only account your "physical" health but also, mentally. Our brain contains zillions of power cells called neurons. These basically, make up your brain. One absolute fact that you may consider about your neurons is that, they are irrepairable... Our body has the capacity to heal itself if you eat the right kind of food, repair small wounds if you have enough protein. However, when it comes to your neurons, once they get damaged, damaged in the sense that you don't use them,.... they get altered that sometimes, it may result to irreversible conditions. Alzheimer's Disease is a good example of this irreversible condition. Good thing, there are little ways on how to contradict this.
Word Factory games like Scrabble, Boggle and Crossword Puzzles may help you stay out of risk.

I'll go straight to the point now. Lately, I got addicted to this game called Sudoku. Because of minutes waiting over the MTR to arrive, for long breaks taking place in between parades and sets, I learned to love it. It really brings my logic up a notch!!!

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