Sunday, September 02, 2007

have a little faith in me

When I was dealing with my duty shifts way back during my college days, I found Surgery as the most fascinating of all. Every patient that would come in it defied all odds just to have themselves operated by the most skilled specialists.... Not knowing if it would be successful or not. But the greatest thing to know is that.... they contained big faith at the time they decided.

Last Tuesday, faith was explained as something that's a union of belief and trust.

Belief... from my own point of view, could be contained once all the 5 senses: vision, sense of smell, ability to hear & taste, and touch -- are satisfied. I strongly believe in something if I get to feel it.... if I could sense it. This is easy to achieve for most of us. Trust however is the thing that's hard to keep up with after believing. Because this time, you involve yourself and you can't help but expect from that thing you put your trust on. When you trust, you fully give yourself. You fully submit to this trust. Nevertheless, once you get to find out the most worthy of your submission, you can never be wrong.....

I found God.