Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my 1sts.........

Sept. 24, 2007 - Halloween parade launching

It's my 1st time to be a part of the opening team, and boy! Am I so glad!Being an artist allows you to release stress by being able to portray a lot of personas. Being a villain was the least on my list but the experience was really spectacular. A lot of attitude is needed, and I get more tired being tensed and mad. Not really because of the choreography. Not to mention.... the black lights effect is really amazing!

Come and see it fellows!

After the wonderful and
breath taking opening,
we went to Discovery Bay,
also known as D-Bay,
to have a dinner celebration.
It was my 1st time
to try it out and I decided,
once a month of laying back is not bad.

Worth it for the money!

What: Film Viewing ("The Diary of A Mad Black Woman")
for the Bible Study
When: September 18 and 25, 2007
Where: Ella's house, Pa Mei Village, Tung Chung
Topic: Forgiveness

It was my 1st time to suggest an idea for the Bible Study and I'm so glad that all of us got to embrace the idea of forgivness. They loved the writer of the movie. How each character was used for the glory of God!

Yey! Praise God!

Work has been really hard for this past month because of the late night halloween rehearsals and continuous demands from co-workers and bosses. Nevertheless, I got these notes to keep me going... again, my 1st time to get appreciated personally.

"Great Job" Card - September 19, 2007

Dear Kyte,

Congratulations for your constant great performance as a greeter! I see a lot of positive feedbacks our our daily lead reports.


"I'm a fan of this cast member...." Card

Ashton - I really loved being able to dance with her. She was so graceful as a butterfly and so fun to be with in the parade. I am looking forward to working with her once again!

Thanks girl!!!! Work becomes light because of people like you!