Wednesday, November 07, 2007

big buddha

Big Buddha is a site located in Tung Chung, just 2 buses away from home. It's a cool way of getting out of the house in the cheapest way we know. We counted the stairs towards the big statue....and it's more or less, 250 stairs all in all. They were so strict in making sure that the sacredness of the place will be maintained. They did not allow certain places to be available for picture taking. The entance fee of less than HK$30 comes with snacks. Enough for Filipinos' appetite. Because, their snack is composed of 1/2 plate of sauteed noodles, 2 choices of rice cakes and a drink. Enough for me to consider it a complete meal. Hahahahaha!!!

It's good too if you'd go there hiking. Not take the bus I mean. Some of the Disney cast members do that for exquisite feel of the place. That's because trekking the mountains towards Big Buddha gives you a different feel. Maybe next time I could go there by trekking.

Riding the ferry to Central was a great experience as well. From Central, we rode the MTR Red line to Tsim Sha Tsui to see the Avenue of the Stars and Symphony of Lights. I really didn't enjoy taking some pictures because the place lacked lights. Maybe if I get to visit it the next time, I would take a lot. The evening ended up with a good dinner at UCC.