Friday, December 07, 2007

December awaits...

Officially, CHRISTMAS SEASON is here. And I feel blessed as I get to observe how Christmas is celebrated here in Hong Kong. With the current work environment I have, I can't help but appreciate how the park was decorated. There are even special 3d glasses for the guests to observe the hidden magic within the decorations. The fireworks is never the same if you watch it while putting them on.

Here in Hong Kong Disneyland, a lot of treats are presented to the guests. Disney Princesses are put up in front of the shimmering castle with a frosted icy effect. The parade (I've got to be proud of that...) is spectacular as well. It contains snowflake icons, elves and characters in Christmas costumes. And as you walk down the Main Street, there'd be snow falling on your face. An illusion sometimes helps in creating magic. Santa's Workshop, a great for taking pictures was put up as well. It's nice to share this with picture addict friends.

Though I miss collecting stamps from Starbucks for that corporate looking 2008 planner back in the Philippines, I still wouldn't want to miss Christmas here for the world. Being with my family soon is always given a thought. Now that a new world has opened in front of me... I embrace the coldness of the season with a warm heart. As I turn 25, I see the world with a new beginning. I am dangerously in love, I am high with my work and most of all..... I am happy.

Happy Holidays everybody!