Thursday, January 31, 2008

my favorite 2007 pictures (Part 1)

Best Picture for January:

One thing remarkable in a man's life is his birth.
One of my students are currently on his 4th year as a Nursing student.
You see how delicate the baby is? It's just so dependent.
And I wanted to feature this so that all of you out there would have an idea how we,
nurses take care of newly born babies. And not just because it's our job.
But we are passionate on how to preserve a life of a human being.
Regardless of the oath that we took when we graduated,
it's just our passion to love, to nurture and to provide care to those who need it.
The message behind this?
Don't take the people around you for granted.
You just don't know how much love others are willing to give to
to what you can give.

Best Picture for February:

I got this picture from my good friend Ria. It was taken by her friend who's stating with a photoshoot business. I would like to feature this photo mainly because of a couple of reasons. First, I like how candid it is. I just love how it shows the bonding moment of the girls. The black and white effects adds drama to it that it somehow tells the spectators that no matter where you go, friendship remains forever. And there's always space for a thought that you can go back to being a kid again with its main subject: ICE CREAM!!!!!

Secondly, I'd like to share to you a wonderful memory of mine. The name of the ice cream cart is STO. TOMAS. It stands for UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS where I spent nearly 14 years of my life studying. Yep! Since primary years. And I don't know how I'd thank my teachers for helping my parents in molding into what I am right now. I just can't help but reminisce the good times.

Best Picture for the month of March:

"Modern Pieta"

Pieta is a sculpture of the dying Jesus,lying on Mother Virgin's lap when he was held down to her from the cross.It's a commemoration of the undying love the Mama Mary has for her child no matter how hurtful her son's decisions were. I chose this picture because in it, a new beginning has been depicted. Instead of showing the love of the Virgin right at the moment when Jesus was dying, the husband (Mael) of a good friend of mine, Ate Fe, shows their daughter his love at the beginning of life. Quite an amazing shot. It's just a picture which is so lovely to stare at. It deserves to be one of my best pictures!

Best Picture for the month of April:


It's just so amazing to realize that our parents are right when they say, "Wait for your turn my child, there's always time for everything." Hahaha! What they say are true ladies and gentlemen. It's such a wonderful feeling reaching the age of independence. Independence on what you want to do with your money in particular. And, I would like to feature Bambi's collection of shoes. This girl I've known for quite a long time had been a hard-working lass. And I'm so proud of her that she is now one of the popularly known group called "MOCHA".

Talk about hotness, right Bambs?

Seriously, I am proud of her that she knows how to keep herself on track. She knows how talented she is, she's having the ultimate time of her life and she knows what she wants.

Girl power! Rock on!