Saturday, January 05, 2008

my favorite 2007 pictures

Best Picture for the month of April (tie up with Bambi):

This one, I captured while I was roaming around Central, Hong Kong.
I saw this old couple on a tour figuring out where to go but they end up
going wherever their feet will take them.
It's quite touching knowing that they have a comfortable feeling with each other.
Despite the fact that they are in a different place, they don't get fearful.
As long as they have somebody, it's all good.

Best Picture for the month of MAY:

For the 2nd time, Mr. Patrick Mabanta graced me with his talent in getting this picture.

Last year was same close up shot but he made it all better.

Thanks Pat! You're the best!

Best Picture for the month of JUNE:
"Water fun!"

Summer of 2007 for me became memorable because of the Mickey Waterworks Parade of Disney. And this is my favorite picture amongst all.

This is Amon and I just love how he portrays a kid whose having a lot of fun with water.

I like how limitless his moves are.

Knowing that kids are icons of innocence, they are expected to be careless beings when they try to have fun. I observed a lot of kids getting hurt because they play without thinking of the consequences that each action may bring. But a great thought lies beneath.
Whatever the kids get themselves into, they act according to what makes them happy.

These all drains down to one realization. I am not young anymore to just consider happiness. Others' happiness and sakes too are to be considered.


Best Picture for the month of JULY:

In the name of the fastest growing trend in dance, POLE DANCING is topping the charts.

Yes, coordination is very much the name of the game. It's not the pole that's serving you but you working with the pole to come up with a good presentation. A lot of muscles are required. And you have to keep it coordinated with each other if you don't want to get yourself hurt during the act. Or better yet, you don't want to look like a stupid person.

This is a toss between letting go of yourself, who you are and how you make your audience aware of the dainty from it.


Best Picture for the month of AUGUST:

This is one thing I wanted to try before I should've left for Hong Kong. The way how this shot was taken, I find it so fun. Hahaha!!!! Being crazy every once in a while reminds me of a cliche that goes, "Work hard, to live it large!"

Best picture for the month of SEPTEMBER:

I know, I know, pictures like this don't go absent for my favorites.

This is a good friend of mine, Ela. I see her as a very gifted lass. This girl can fly. Do I need to say more? And the trait that gets her on high like this? Humility.

Best Picture for the month of OCTOBER:

"What is your profession?"

This was taken on their way to the Halloween party at Makumba Bar, Hong Kong.

The color, the facial reactions, the way how the picture was stretched out.

Ain't that a magnificent shot?

Best Picture for NOVEMBER:

Sigmund Freud had a theory about play being the most effective way of relating or communicating to children. Now that I am away from my family, I totally developed the sense of being serious all the time that it was as early as high school that I suppressed the feeling or the need (for that matter) to play. I've always focused myself in working all the way from high school up to now that thinking about it really gets me so tired.

For scholarships, I worked out a lot to keep up with the Volleyball team, the dance troupe until I became who I am right now. If you'd look superficially, Volleyball is a game where you get to play a lot. But that's not it. We play because we have to win. It's not just having fun, but working for the scholarship.... for something to have in return.

I just love seeing the children who are capable of maximizing their youth.

Lucky them!

Best Picture for DECEMBER:

I've experienced a lot of changes in my life this year. And I'm so glad to have this wonderful man to share it with. From my work, point of view, past times and how to handle emotions...

Thank you for teaching me a lot of things to make my life better.