Friday, January 04, 2008

new year events....

This was taken January 1, 2008. I was so sick so Hogan decided to cook on the 1st day of year 2008. We wanted to witness all the fireworks Hong Kong could offer but we both had to take some rest since he had 3 shows for December 31 and he had to recover from cough and flu too. On the other hand, I had to work on Christmas eve til 10pm. Since then, I've been experiencing the nastiest running nose ever. I guess it's because of the cold weather getting into us. Good thing I took that flu shot freely given by Disney. Otherwise, it might give me a week to recover. But now, I'm all good and I aim not to call sick the whole year of 2008. God be with me on that.

One memorable gathering we've been into was attending the Bible Study Christmas Gathering. It was fun singing for the Lord's glory. And it's fun to learn more about the talented people that compose the United Colors. Nicole and Kuya Roy's song, "The Prayer" moved us all, German's "Yes Lord!" moves was cool too. And of course, I won't forget how Ate Jing proved how powerful her voice is. The band was amazing as well.

The group was called United Colors because the people that go to the Bible Study are of different races. White, Yellow, Brown and Black Race..... Whew! It would really touch you seeing all these people come together to praise God. It's nice to see all my fellow Bible Study pips' families attending the said gathering and singing along with the Christian songs.

Rush's Birthday served as the afterparty of the biggest bonding moment Hogan and I had (Disney's Christmas Cabaret '07). He had the finest surprise this year too. And that's his girlfriend Jasmine coming over for the holidays.

The night was ended with pool games, card games and magic by One.
This was the night I became the pool player of the year by winning over Hogan 4-1. Hahaha!!!! And stil reigning....thank you very much!!! Hahahaha!

The start of 2008 was banged by Stage Manager Winnie's wedding with Hugo. It was my first time to attend an authentic Chinese wedding. And along with that experience is a 9-course dinner.

I liked the crab soup, crab appetizers and this special abalone and scallop dishes. Too bad Hogan can't enjoy these stuff since he was allergic to them. He truly missed KFC that night. But we can't afford to get sick again so might as well let the expensive stuff pass than end up paying for the hospital bills. Hahaha!!!!

Edric's Birthday, Kuya Joy's Birthday Party, Noelle's Birthday and Josh and Catv's Thanksgiving Party were top events that happened in Pa Mei... Edric's party was packed while Josh and Catv's Thanksgiving party had good food. Noelle's was a moment for real friends, and Kuya Joy's Party was star-studded.

Again, I want to acknowledge God's blessings to each and every person who gets to celebrate this way. For me, all of these are thanksgiving parties. Eventhough apartments in Pa Mei are not that big, and always end up getting packed during parties.... it's a good reminder that you have a lot of friends. And that no matter which country you're in, Filipinos still gather up as one.

Congratulations to Josh getting the Lion King job. I am so proud of you. And to Catv, you deserve to be one of the cast of Golden Mickey's because of your hard work. To all the FELD people: Ariel, Ate Naths, Earl, Kuya Bitoy, Franny and the rest, congratulations! To Hogan and the rest of the fire knife dancers, take the new contract with pride. To the people in the theater who renewed their contracts with Disney this January 2008, I'm so glad you still chose to work with the rest of Disney's cast members for another 6 months. Yehey!

A year of letting go of the past that you're so used to,
a year of facing my fears,
a year of embracing challenges,
a year to let the people know that I could do better,
another year to grow up, physically and emotionally,
a year of knowing what else you can do with what God had given you,
a year of welcoming new friends,
a year for God,
a year of love.....