Thursday, March 27, 2008

stand by

Our most favorite thing to do to make time pass is to get hold of as much memories as we can by taking a lot of photos. And that means.... "A LOT!!!!!"

The most visited is the Philharmagic. I think I've described what you can expect from it. It just feels so relaxing whenever we enter this. And endorphins just keep on flowing while you enjoy watching it.

What I noticed after working here in almost a year now is that the 3d glasses that you use in witnessing the show is not that good anymore. They are so much used up already. You know how kids could get so unruly sometimes.

The next best thing I consider are the treats per season. There are just houses decorated differently as time passes.

This is what Disney calls "The Main Street Hotel".
Theme: Ghost House

Santa's Workshop was famous among kids
but it doesn't stop us from going back to being kids again.

This year, Hong Kong Disneyland honored the year of the mouse
by making the Disney guests experience Mickey's own house.
Portraits were everywhere, you could try out Mickey's shoes, and you could
see his office too. Neat!

Fantasy Garden also hits the charts!
A lot of Disney characters welcome you here to experience a face-to-face meet and greet.
Lately, I've been so fascinated with how cute Chip and Dale are.
They are effortlessly cute.

I also love indulging myself into my fellow cast members' shows. I think every cast member sees to it that if they have free time, they would want to have a walk in the park and witness presentations, parades and shows as much as they can. For all we know, we are all contractual and the only moments you can hold onto, are "where you at, at the present."

In walking down the park from 604, you would see the Golden Mickeys Storybook Theatre.
It's seldom though that I get to watch this no matter how near it is to 604 because of the
schedule of the shows. It is either minutes before or after my show.
Or hassle to my bus schedule in going home.

Next to it is the "It's A Small World Ride", the newest attraction Disney gave way for Spring.
What really is so fascinating about this is the ice cream treat
available in Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and.... wait! I forgot the green flavor.
Anyhow, now that Summer is almost here, it's just good for them to
make an ice cream counter stand right by the exit.

As you walk further, you'll find yourself checking out a pathway that leads
to Tomorrowland. And the Stitch Encounter (available in Cantonese
and English version) is the first attraction you'll see.
I recently experienced how it goes and it's ultimately funny.
It's important to check out the schedule if you'd go for it.

There's AUTOPIA as well, where you get your own license to drive the little sports cars Disney has for young boys to get fond of. Buzz light year is there for those who want to have a close meet and greet with him. Did I mention, in Tomorrowland, you can also witness the talking trash can? It's just a place to get hold of everything hi-tech. Jammitors keep the people entertained with their music. And ASTROBLAST is just a fun game. I am an L-3 by the way.

The Dapper Dans singers... I love watching and hearing them sing. They just give the smoothest show ever. I warmly welcome the new ones and for the previous 4 that were here, friends for keeps people!!!!!

As you walk down Main Street, past Princess Aurora's castle and the pathway to Adventureland, you'll see numerous shops.

Jewelry shops, bakery, shops for souvenirs, photo gallery where you could check out extraordinary shots made by Disney's professional photographers, you can see them all down there. Just take the path where the parade goes and you'll understand what I mean.

Not to mention, you can also see this Indian too. Oftentimes, people would just pass by him so I decided to give him honor and took a shot of it.

Last but not the least, it's always nice to look at a place as a whole. So, I suggest you check out the nearest Disneyland Railroad station, and get a glimpse of the whole Hong Kong Disneyland.

This is what we do on stand by... get hold of that much as we can....