Friday, April 25, 2008

My 8-day vacation

Too bad, due to the fully booked flights of Philippine Airlines, Hogan and I weren't able to make it in Boracay. We ended up going home to our own hometowns (him: Apia, Samoa... me: Manila, Philippines. :< ) But it did both of us good. From now on, we wouldn't be having that kind of vacation. 8 days is just too long. The first thing that I had to do in the Philippines was to get my renewed Nursing License. Not that I'm aiming to finish NCLEX this year. Though I brought review materials with me already and I bought some books as well, to be able to prepare to some extent. So, I was able to successfully get it in PRC. It was disappointing, however, because pollution was really unbearable. And, right away, I missed Hong Kong's transportation. It's just too damn perfect! That when I tried Manila's own.... it quite sucked. In addition, the personnel who handed me my license was rude to look at my picture then to me... then awfully said, "PWEDE....." I just told myself, there's still no change in public offices such as this, then walked away.

Next stop was to get to be with the most important people in my life. My family. (YIKES! I sound like the most recent Bb. Pilipinas. Thank God, I spelled it right, not---"family" with "f" not with "p").. I lived with Ate Kaith and her family during the rest of my stay in the Philippines in Quezon City. My 6 month old nephew was just soooooo cute!!!!! Shawn.... I miss you! I also got the chance to be with Ally, my first ever niece whom I love to go to arcades with. Hahahahaha! And I love watching home videos with her. Luckily, I got home during her vacation. Yey! Ally, I always see you hugging and kissing me whenever I stare blankly while I was there. And they just make all my worries go away. Ate Kaith and Renel were very hospitable and they really made me feel comfortable. They brought me to my favorite restaurants, hanged out a lot and listened to what's going on with my life. I also get to meet my stepmom Aunt Cel... Time was really short at hand. My vacation days were too short for me to go with them in Boracay as well so, I just made myself busy with the people I have to meet in Manila. My pop is still the same. A certified scrabble addict!

April 7, 2008... I met up with Valerie, Roch and Nics for dinner at Kitchen, Greenbelt. I didn't know Greenbelt 5 exists already. I didn't get the chance to see it because we had a chit-chat over coffee right after eating. I was so glad with how we manage to ask each other for help when critical issues arise. At the end, we all agreed, "Prayers can move mountains." Too bad though the bridal shower for Ria will happen without me. She was on her way home to the Philippines from Vegas when I was about to go back here in Hong Kong.

One thing I made sure of, in going home was to eat Philippine barbecue. Yep! The exotic ones!!!! Hahahaha! You figure out what are the foods in the picture. But all of them are my all time favorites! With vinegar, complete with salt, sugar and garlic and rice! Yey!

One last stop was to go in a new club at The Fort called, "ASCEND"... My cousin said, the club was called so because it is made up of a lot of floors where each floor has a designated type of music assigned to it. Like one floor plays hip hop songs, one floor, is for the VIP's where the cool people dance on cool/trance music. And then I don't know which type of songs are played in the other floors since we just stayed in one. Again and again, I compare the clubs here in Hong Kong with that of the Philippines in terms of size. Philippine clubs make way for people who love to dance. I like how they put it that way. They also consider events that may happen. I had fun, I must say. And the usual.... we head for KFC for breakfast after and then stayed awake until the sun shone on our faces. It's a cue to sleep.

This vacation refreshed me alright. Back to work.... awwwww!!!!!