Monday, May 05, 2008

Year of the Rat....

I have to start this blog with people who are about to give birth this year.

2008 babies' number shall I say is the most outstanding (among people that I know). While I was giving it a thought, I landed into figuring out what are the factors that paved way to it. Cold season perhaps? I don't know. More likely, maybe it's because 2008 is considered a lucky year. Anyways, still, the real strong reason is that LOVE is in the air. All these products of LOVE, the best of 2 people.... are about to come to our world. And there's no mystery behind it, no magic comparable to it, even Mickey Mouse couldn't top. Wait! You know why I said the best of 2 people? Well.... at this very material, fast-paced and competitive world, it's amazing how 2 people get to share a wonderful experience in terms of expressing desire, intimacy, love.... In letting go of your soul with somebody, that's sharing your best, yours alone... and if you get lucky in getting it in return, then the products gets sculpted.... the BABY... To all the moms who are about to give birth, I salute y'all!!!!!

Talking about balance though,
let's not forget about the earthquake that happened recently here in China.
In the picture that you see here, Chinese airborne troop soldiers help earthquake refugees dig for belongings in the debris while a young survivor covers his ears in Jinhua village of Shifang, China's southwest Sichuan province, Friday, June 6, 2008. The May 12 quake killed 69,127 people, with 17,918 still missing, according to the latest government figures.
Even though Disney came up with more than a million Hong Kong dollars
to help these people, I don't think money can ever ease them of the pain
they felt. So, spend time with your loved ones because you'll never know
when is the last time you'll be with them.
You might get surprised,
you can't even remember the last conversation
you ever had with them.

Also, landslide happened due to a 2-week long rainstorm
here in Hong Kong. Disney cast members had a hard time going to
work due to blocked roads and bridges.
Depressing as how nature strikes back,
we really have to put in mind the effects of global warming.
I encourage everybody to come up with little solutions of their own.
I admire TASTE Supermarket for coming up with a 50 cent reward for every plastic bag
saved to hold their groceries if they use their own bag instead.

Next in line that really highlighted my year....
In Hong Kong, employees are entitled with health insurances. Companies make sure that health services, when needed, are available to their workers. They give them enough time to go for check-ups by approving sick leaves as much as possible. That's a good thing. But I'm just so disappointed with the health care providers themselves. It's just so unacceptable for health care givers to neglect sanitation. Imagine, Chinese care givers' nails are polished. What's wrong with that? Well.... there'd be a direct contact with medicine that will be administered to you.... does it ring a bell? Nail polish may contain toxic materials with its mixture.... or, it could have bad reactions if it will have a direct contact with any medicine. Forgive me, but that's what I learned in my school. Manicures are a no-no amongst care givers in the Philippines. Yeah! One hell of a sacrifice alright for women. Because, besides the nail polish itself having toxic materials, if we get wounded with too much of the cuticle removal that happened, we are also exposing ourselves to risks. Check this picture out! This is a picture of a care giver here in Hong Kong. DAYNG!!!

Of course, parties are never negligible. Work hard, party harder!
You'll get crazy if you'd be depriving yourself of social events. So, I'm thankful for the people to whom I matter. Yeah!

Still looking forward to a lot of things for the other half of the year!

Life is really finger-lickin' good!