Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Most of its writings are contradictory to what I believed in. First and foremost, I read the book to satisfy my craving for amusement. Mere interest made me finish the book even if for me, it's been telling the main idea over and over again. I actually found it redundant already. Although, one teacher told me that it helps a person to receive something once you decide to be empty. Emptiness is a state where you get yourself ready to take in anything because you are, however, needing to be filled in. The thing is, I deliberately contradict the main idea of just thinking in order to receive.... it tells you actually to expect something to just happen according to how you wanted it to be without doing anything or putting effort to attaining it. Faith is basically the secret. Believing in something that is more powerful than us. I have just put it this way... faith will move you.... and it's the only thing that will keep you driven....