Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween everybody!

Indeed, Hong Kong is one of the most profound places where Halloween is celebrated fabulously!!!! Amongst Disney Cast Members, we just couldn't let up Holla-queen without giving justice to it. The organizers of the party were very much overwhelmed as to how each people dressed up last October 30th. Check out for yourself....

I am proud with Hong Kong Disneyland's Halloween treats. Giant Jack and Sally welcome you by the gates, the lights are incredible which made Aurora's castle look creepy and the Main Street alive, the irresistable Halloween Parade and Demon Jungle working alongside Haunted Hotel made the park so jam packed most especially when Hong Kong reaches 5pm. Who wouldn't fall in love with Halloween? Oooohhh!!!! And this year, I get to be one of the orange devils in the parade. Although I had to experience not finishing the parade for some reason, it still was all so good than ever.

October 30, Baby Zaia was born too. Ate Naths' waterbag broke 4am and while Holla-queen was happening, Baby Zaia stepped out of the world by 10:30 pm. Princess Margaret was a very strict hospital. Uhh!!!! But then, it was all to keep the patients' safety.