Friday, December 26, 2008

Wig Party

Jane Logan, ladies and gentlemen, the girl who's full of fun and pretty ideas, came up with a Christmas Wig Party in Tin Shui Wai, 22nd of December, 2008. All of the guests are expected to be in a wig of course and nobody is allowed to attend with just the usual look. Of course in getting the wig, you have to think of the complete ensembles that would perfectly go with it.

Hogan and I had fun in picking up the right wig. We planned to have the same but when we were in Mong Kok to pick up something, we ended up following the "gusto" in us on how to give justice to a persona brought up by the wig. Hogan ended up getting the opposite of what he got. Curly top chose the green straight one after a series of "We don't have that anymore" options. Lol!!!! I chose a very girly one, somewhat opposite of what I had as well, a pink short wig! Oooohhh! I was thinking it will go well with my darling dress.

Cocktails were made, desserts and sushi are in place, room was well decorated with blue, white, silver and gold ornaments... VOILA!!!! Party time!!!! Check out all the people who were behind the scenes! Yey! Another succesful party at hand...

The night didn't just slip away like that.
We had to choose who was the most well dressed up.
Or should we say the one who got the best wig and get up to go with it.
Cathy Cheung, with a pretty and fun set of ensembles together with
Brian, who came up with the most innovative wig/head dress
got the prizes... pineapple and chocolate! LOL!