Thursday, January 01, 2009

My 2008 line of favorite pics...


I have to admit, even if it's a season of extraordinary fashion,
I hate winter. And by this month of the year,
I was practically longing and dreaming of clear waters, blue sky
and lovely sun so I choose this to stand for the first month of my year.
Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, Phuket, Boracay.... oooh!!!!
Thoughts of it help me to feel warm already.


Need do I say more?
Yes, they got married and they too said their own vows of LOVE.
I just love the ultimate happiness shining from these two people.
Very true...


Mr. Rick Twombley...
A very good artist, a very efficient coach,
very talented, very passionate with what he can do and share to co-workers.
Such a beautiful picture, I think how I described him
is said by these shot alone all at the same time.


Benjie Caraig in action.
This was taken during the High School Musical Show.
There are many who don't know that there is a part
in the show where the High School Musical performers invite guests
to learn the Wild Cats Chant while doing simple dance steps.
This one just captured my heart because of its sweetness.


Ms. Erin Gray,
simply stunning,
simply beautiful!
I love this shot, truly amazing and creative!


One of the most common natural disasters Hong Kong experience often,
are rainstorms. This year, t9 and t10 hit the country making
every mountain vulnerable to having landslides.
This is a proof of what happened last June in Pa Mei, Tung Chung.
Surprisingly, people that resided here were still expected to go to work
that day. I can't believe there would still be people who would
want to go visit the park during this time of the year.


Mother and son, goofing around. Helen was having fun with her son in the park as they took these cute pictures. I hope someday I would be granted a bonding moment like this if I get kids of my own.


The contrasting features of this pictured made me pick it
as one of my favorite pictures this year.
Ana Gloda, a cousin of mine who models for
the John Robert Powers Modeling Company.
I am so proud of her pulling a very cool picture.
"America's Next Top Model"?
Love the show.


Such a very wonderful site...
This was taken in one of the housemodels a friend of mine checked out.
Who wouldn't want to live here?


Commemorating first year anniversary.
Ever thine,
Ever mine,
Ever ours....
LOVE as it is, has its ups and downs.
But the most important thing is the TRUTH...
It's the secret ingredient of all things.


It's been a year that I've tried this very bad habit.
Sometimes accomodating especially when you think alone.
But if you're SMART, don't START!
I'm not proud of it.
I still say NO to drugs.
BLECH!!!! Ain't cool!



Each one of us is entitled to LOVE, CARE and HUMANITY.
Everything that goes with it.
Keep social life at hand,
treat RESPONSIBILITY in the most proper way you know
and most of all,
He'll never let you down!!!!