Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Magic Egg-LOVE-plant

I am, but more than excited for this one to work. I've always cried out to Hogan how much I wanted a pet in the house. We both like to have a dog but that's not really possible since Harbour Plaza Resort City wouldn't allow that. Fishes.... too hard to keep up with... so this Valentine's, I was so thankful with what he got me... a plant to grow...

I am not quite sure with how to do it.
I don't know if I even own a green thumb...but this is a start.

Instructions for this cute little thingy go:

1. Open bottle cap.

2. Giving water into bottle till water level upper egg.

3. After 1-3 hours, tap part of egg will automatically be broken slowly.

4. Please remove extra after egg breaks.

5. Add suitable soil to the cup and cover it with 1 centimetre thick soil. Make sure water it every
2-3 days. Do not water it everyday or too much at once.

6. Await 3-10 days for germination. (Suitable germination temperature:25-35 degrees C for
3-10 days).

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