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"You don't know what the Lord has in store for you.", --- and I've proven this true. I didn't know one of my goals in life would be happening. Most especially when divine intervention constitutes it. Last May of 2007, I auditioned to become a performer for Hong Kong Disneyland. After 2 years, realizations just poured in and I just would like to share it.

Filipinos constitute almost 50% of the cast members of HK Disneyland, specifically the line of business in entertainment. One way or another, each of us, Filipinos share a common thought at the end of the day when we part ways after a day's work.... and that is, "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME...".

I could say that Philippines is a much lax place compared to any country. May it be because of culture (Spanish "MAGNANA" habit) or just pure IDENTITY. I was pondering on the number of times I spent checking test papers in Starbucks coffee, how often I went to movie theaters... basically, there are just so much free time when I was back in the Philippines. To think, I got 2 jobs.

However, pay is way different when you work abroad. And since financial stability is a way to survive everyday of our lives, I am more than thankful of where I am today.

Right now, there are 3 main things I consider the most important to keep my career at hold.

I. My employer...

1. It is substantial for an individual of right legal age to know the capacity of the company he/she is working for, how it will develop his/her skills in that field, and how greatly the demand of consumers for the product it offers.
Right where I am, the commodity it sells is "HAPPINESS". And who wouldn't go for it? When I was young, I was told that Disneyland is the happiest place in the world. Don't you agree? You should always be on guard of your company's stability. If you find it rather shaky, it's always good to have a plan B.

2. The contract should always be fair and square.
The compensation for the service you should be rendering should be agreed upon by both parties, by you and your boss. Benefits are to be considered as well, such as: Health Benefits, Just Evaluation ( Training programs and suitable accreditations should be available), Vacation Leave, Mandatory Considerations (Pregnancy and/or being a single parent shouldn't be discriminated), etc.,.

3. Rules and regulations should always be respected.
Just wear the ID for crying out loud. It wouldn't hurt.

II. Myself...

1. My talent.
As a parade dancer, you should always keep yourself healthy. I keep myself abreast with new dance techniques. It's not that much but competition is tough. Anywhere you go, competition is tough so it's a must for you to always keep yourself aware of new trends. Whether you're a teacher, a fashionista, a writer or the president, always go for innovation, up-to-date substance and first-hand information.

2. My capacity.
Be aware of you strengths and weaknesses and don't stop redeveloping yourself. It's undeniable that working abroad could be like hell when loneliness creeps in. Because of that you indulge on some vices (smoking during breaks) and bad habits (indulging on shopping too much). A good way of handling it is to keep everything in balance. Kidding aside, unwind on weekends and have a getaway during your day off. But then, make sure you come to work on time and fully loaded with the capabilities expected of you as your company's employee. Meaning, avoid disappointing your boss. Find a hobby that would make you engaged to it at least every 2 weeks so that you have something to look forward to and to give you a breather once in a while. Explore your surroundings, mingle with people, and avoid being idle. Idle mind is the workshop of the devil, do remember that. Once you get to be in control, you'd always feel refreshed when you go back to work.

I always have this thought in my mind that I represent my country wherever I go. So as much as possible, be productive. Thru your words, thoughts and deeds. Who knows, 5 or 6 years from now, the people's lives that you've touched thru good words, inspiring thoughts and respectable deeds, would one day become thankful of getting to work with you because it helped them to become better people.

3. Discipline.
Know the company's rules and regulations. Know your schedule, have a mind set of what to expect everyday and keep in mind that you'll always do your best no matter what. It's hard to keep up with that though, if you're not happy with what you're doing. So, it's always good to have an assessment of yourself at least everyday after work if what you did for the whole day makes you feel fulfilled or if it makes you feel that you just want to get it over with. This could be tricky. If challenges are presented to you and you find yourself stressed out about it, you might fall into deciding that you can't handle such workload which may lead to thinking that, "Oh! This work just makes my self-esteem go so low". And before you know it, you're jumping from one career to another which doesn't lead you to moving up to the top. Since you're always starting with something new, you end up not growing up, but getting stuck while the people you've been working with before are enjoying their own hierarchy of promotions. So start now by thinking it over whether where you are now makes you happy...

III. The Consumers.

Now, why did I include this as one of the 3 important things. One fact that remains uncommon to a lot of employees is that the real bosses are the consumers that ask for your service. As a performer, it's always good to see that your audience gives you a well-applauded standing ovation or if they always come to see you perform. One thing that I always strive for whenever I go to work are constant fans. You may not know it but consumers have their own favorites and that they talk about it a lot to other people. Just like when an advertisement pops up on TV. Well chosen celebrities are paid to make a label known. I always see to it that I'd catch the subliminal language behind it. There is an assured guarantee that even if the product is not that good, still, it would be believed so if a very well known celebrity pulls it up amongst the viewers.

Now, whatever you do, wherever you go and whatever you are, may you be a sculpturist, computer engineer, or a model, SELL IT!!!!!

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