Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HK magazine Apology

An Apology

An Apology

March 27th, 2009

The publisher and editors of HK Magazine wish to apologize unreservedly for any offense that may have been caused by Chip Tsao’s column dated March 27.

HK Magazine has long championed the rights of Filipinos working in Hong Kong. We note that Filipinos have often been unfairly treated in Hong Kong, and that they make an important contribution to this community.

As a magazine, we would never want to say anything that would negate that belief.

The column in question was satirical. One aspect of satire is that it can at times be read in different ways. In this particular case, many people have read meanings into this column that were never actually intended.

We wish to assure our readers that we have nothing but respect for Filipinos, both living in Hong Kong and abroad.


Rising from my Ashes said...

Very interesting happens.

Kyte said...

i know, and at least, the apology was don. the thing is, all that i could say is he's a good writer since he sold it!!!! that's what he wanted! "attention"