Monday, May 11, 2009


As always, my review on this.... "the book is way better than the movie"...

Some scenes were a little bit vague to understand most especially when the sense of smell is to be emphasized. That's what's amazing in reading a book, it's just so great imagining how the writer goes about how a person smells, or how the character thinks of a vision in more ways than one, and how spontaneous your mind could work.

Edward Cullen was fabulously described. It's hard to convince myself that he's one of the bad guys... LOL!

I'm on with "New Moon"... Sigh!?!

It's so nice to know how the story goes in the book before you see it turning out as a movie.

As what really moved me here is how he had a hard time explaining how the surgery went to a very old man, still in love with her dead wife... Personally, I had an awful experience witnessing how a very good doctor break down how poorly a patient's body have reacted to a particular surgery.

Let's go back to the book though.
I had high expectations with how the movie would go but the conversations weren't as convincing as how they are in the book... but that's the most substantial about this book. Diane Lane was amazing though.

Now, this is the biggest disappointment for me. Yes, it was all a nice presentation but I can't believe Dan Brown allowed them to come up with something totally different. Most of the characters were changed, they omitted the most important part and in doing so, I can't help but whisper to myself, the Catholic Church obviously didn't want that part to be revealed. That it may or may have happened!

Vittoria Vetra in the book was one big persona. But in the movie, she looked like an excess baggage. Robert Langdon, fairly played character, the carmelengo, played by Ewan McGregor was convincing enough. I always see Ewan McGregor being the most typical 2-faced type...

Overall, and like I always say....
Grab the book!!!!!! It's all better!

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