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2009 Stream of Experiences

Let me see how 2009 started.....

OK, when I dropped Hogan in the airport for his trip to Samoa end of December last year, I came across this journal that just talked about things that didn't make sense. Or maybe it did. It's just so hard to conform to what it asks you. (I'll update this blog once I get hold of the authors). I stopped doing the tasks, I think around May. It just doesn't allow you to write about your reflections alone. It asks more of your reaction to assigned tasks every 2 weeks. They went ok at first, cooking and inviting people over at your house but making them believe that you're starting up a restaurant . There's also another one wherein you'll write on a piece of paper something like, "You can feed 3 people 3 times a day for 3 days with the amount of money you'll pay in buying this coat." and then you have to put it in the pocket of a PRADA fur coat. But... as it went on, it asked me to just give a piece of paper to a stranger with my contact number and then wait for the outcome of it and then write how I'd feel about the outcome. I said to myself, "OK, this had gone far enough." Maybe I just didn't have the guts. If I am truly bored with my life, maybe I could do it.... Though the best part in that journal is you have to paste your picture every month and you get to see the change in you as the year goes by. But then... I think it's more of checking how you look like while you do the tasks. And so, I didn't finish it, to make the story short. However, here are the pictures of me the whole 12 months of 2009. You recognize the changes on your own.











I got hooked with a lot of books and to name a few were:
TWILIGHT SAGA - saved the 4th book 'til I watched "New Moon" in the movies
WHY MEN MARRY BITCHES - this book was pretty helpful
BOOK OF REFLECTIONS - this contained a lot of good poetic realizations
NIGHTS IN RODANTHE - it was a must for me to finish the book first before the movie came out.....
Books just keep me learning.

Grand vacations and fun getaways also happened this year. I have visited Boracay once again after 8 years (I guess) and it really was pretty commercialized in a lot of areas. Quite disappointing because I was really looking forward to a quiet place to spend my vacation in. Actually, there ain't no remote spots anymore. Plus, I went there while a huge storm was racing with us towards the island. It sucked but I was with my 2 fabulous ladies and that made it alright! Working overseas really make you miss home big time and I am just thankful that I did at least visited Philippines once this year. A quick getaway to Macau.... gave birth to a Hogan and Kyte motto that goes: "Whatever happens in Macau, stays in Macau." Ahahahaha!!!!! Shen Zhen shopping with Cora and Angge.... soooo good! Sore, but I love how we got allowed to have a puff in restaus. We went to Tong Man where we saw huge lighters, had my hair dyed, had my nails done and shopped for clothes and bags.... in a very reasonable price. And of course, the last but not the least.... my 1st trip to Taiwan to see Hogan's sister, Taiwan 101 and the Queen's Head.

There were a lot that my family here in Hong Kong had experienced as well. Three friends of mine of 10 years had been blessed with kids. I got the chance to celebrate it with them. Ate Naths celebrated Zaia's 1st birthday, Ate Ayie had given birth to Ysabella and Ate Aima is expecting one. It's such an amazing moment to see your friends move on with their life and are happy about it.

ANIKA NIMEESHA ZAIA OSBUAL, named after Macau's famous Cirque de Solei show.
This little smart one just loves to dress up. Pretty obvious? Hahahaha! I am so proud of her. She just really is so behaved (with food) and her memory is outstanding. I pray for her to be as confident as her mom, as loving as her dad and as beautiful and talented as her ninang. (That's me!) Seriously, I wish I could really witness her growth. However, I don't know with how many days I am blessed to spend with this kid. So, maybe, I'll spend as much time as I can so that she wouldn't forget about me.


I still remember how I struggled to come up with different words out of her name when we were having a baby shower for Ate Ayie. She's about to go to her 6th month now. This is one of the many fans we have. Another Disney baby!!!! Teehee! I pray for this girlie to be as responsible as her mom and gifted as her dad. I can't wait to see her running, playing along with the other kids. She reminds me a lof of Ate Ayie's dad. He cooks the best grilled lamb chops!

One great Christmas present for me was knowing that we are about to expect another baby on its way. Ate Aima announced on Christmas Eve that she's 2 months pregnant. Eversince, Kuya Egay and her had been just like the earth and the sky. They meet up in the horizon and all that you can think of it when you see them is a breathtaking view. I for for their little one to be as healthy and beautiful inside and out like the mom and as logical as the dad.

Ate Aima though and Josh had gone thru problems at home when their homes got flushed by floods in the Philippines. It was an awful moment to reminisce on.

2009 had given the whole world an awakening of how nature strikes thru calamities that happened in different parts of the world. Early this year, we experienced a global pandemic attack of Swine Flu (caused by the H1N1 Influenza Virus).

Veracruz, Mexico experienced the outbreak first.

Typhoon Morakot lashed Taiwan. That being said, it was believed that it is the one of the deadliest that ever hit Taiwan. Typhoon Ketsana gave way to huge floods had killed lots of people in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. Numerous casualties and homeless people are what it just left. Islands of Samoa, Tonga and Andaman were hit with tsunamis and so was New Zealand because of an 8.3 earthquake magnitude. Other countries that were hit by earthquakes were L'Aquila, Italy on April 6, and Sumatra with 7.6 magnitude that made a lot of thousands suffer because of losses, both of lives and houses that they once had. I thought of all of these when I watched James Cameron's "AVATAR" and the stressful "2012". It just speaks of one thing, "We really just have to act now."

Personally, I was visited by a calamity too... Frustrations, loneliness, heartaches and despair - the ones that I call the real extra challenge, had visited me with no caution.
It was very hard to get into my feet everyday. But boy was I glad that I surpassed it. I thank God for showing me the right way, for giving me the strength, the wisdom and the heart. My job, the gift of music and self rediscovery (though it needs more time still) helped me a lot. It helps when you listen to the inner you in crying out the ultimate desire of your heart. I learned the hard way to be able to speak for yourself and to be treasured for being the real me... to still be able to do what you used to do, to go and check out on friends who truly care, to find out who are there to back you up no matter what without judgements and expectations, to embrace what you're good at and to be proud of the things that you've accomplished. I took time to accept the changes that happened to me, to learn how to readjust and to discover something new. It's better to be loved of who you really are rather than be loved of who you are not.

Here are some additional pictures though of the only thing that makes me fulfilled within the day. The one thing that moves me, the one thing that allows me to step up....

This year had given way to a good start for my 2010:
1. my Sony Vaio got fixed up -- thanks to Aaron

2. Hogan gave me fabulous gifts:

Ipod touch!!!

Nokia 5230

My own portrait from Kuya Pro
and all expenses paid trip to Taiwan...

3. new year celebration was celebrated with good friends and sang with Sessions Band...

For 2010, work hard, party harder is still given justice. Save hardest owns the highest priority though. I plan to visit a new place this year again and plans to see my family. God be with me!

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