Friday, February 26, 2010


A lot of people have recently gone obsessed with their cameras, photoshoots and MAC editing features. Due to this, I had a critical time choosing my best photos for 2009 because it's so hard to choose already. Photos have gone thru a certain depth in terms of quality and expression. However, here it is and I hope you'll take time relating to how I view them all. Sharing to me your comment would be of a help to understand them more. Please feel free. However, if you're going to criticize it, make sure you properly spelled your words. Thank you!

In the Philippines, they celebrate and welcome the new year
by jumping as high as they could so that you'd be taller.
Now that I'm mature enough to understand, I'd say I'd jump
for more heights in career, love and health.
Thus, I chose this picture for the month of January.
I will continue to dream,
I will continue to survive,
I will not stop learning to understand how life goes.
A photo by Chuen Yuen Chueng.
I always admire his works for this one
was really taken right on time.
Hogan Toomalatai, a fire-knife dancer,
has very fast moves that the only one with
the good eye could capture his amazing stunts.
Chuen also captures the moment using the raw light of the fire.
Winter here in Hong Kong leaves all the people thirsty for the rays of the sun.
That's why, once it's out, (usually it starts every March), people
couldn't wait to go on boat trips such as this. This was taken by
Kitz Kwok, a budding artist/photographer who loves colors,
variety, passionate subjects and their fluidity.

Gil owns a magic in mixing up technology with his shots.
He is able to make his works crisp and alive.
He took this when he went to Malaysia and I chose this because of
the irony that plays between the structured towers, and the softness
of the clouds. This could be expressed as the balance that we all need
in our lives. And the tiny bridge... I see it as the very thin line of our ability
to struggle and ability to sustain this balance.
Aaah!!!! The kids... always my favorite subject.
I call this picture "Go for it!"
RUGBY, a famous sport amongst Polynesian people.
This Samoan kid strives to go for the goal and don't we all want
to be as focused, determined and inspired as him.
Competition is everywhere. You've got to be able to win it everytime.

This is the month of weddings.
Men - always expected to be the provider.
Women - is expected to respect and support her husband.
This is what the picture tells me.
My good friends Ria and Denny. Their bodies are magically relaxed,
intertwined and speaks of a language only them understands
but is universal all at the same time.

Nico Pires from France had a picture with
Filipino kids during his visit to the islands last year.
Kids' laughter is just the most genuine feedback you could ever get.
They're pure, innocent and TRUE.
This picture for me is priceless.
This is a work by Gil once again.
It's alive. It talks about somebody who is waiting,
or maybe thinking or is in despair.
He saw a very nice effect in his subject and
it could mean a lot because of the unfinished butt.
It just makes me curious of the mystery
behind it...

Ms. Julie Alagde Carretas conveying her dedication
to her art and talent by gracing us with her muscles, all tight and formed.
Now performing in Cirque de Soleil, I feel lucky to have known her
and that anybody could achieve great heights once you're really
doing it for a greater purpose.
She always keeps me inspired.
Gargoyles. An interpretation of the sculptor's needs.
If it is for security, to guard what he knows he possesses greatly
or if it is something that he can't release... another persona,
maybe something that he craved to be for a long time.
There are a lot of meanings that could go with it.
However, Edmond took a great picture of it and I'd say
it's a very interesting subject to consider because he made it
clear and concise though naturally, it is so morbid to look at
since it's the only element you see in the photo.
No effects were done, no editing, just as is.
This yoga guru, Wendell Frando who has a vast imagination
for art, appreciation and practice shares something for us to remember.
I want to feature this photo that speaks of his ability to
breathe despite the complexities of these poses.
Let's find our inner peace and we can also do it as easy as he does it.
"Learn to let go and appreciate the flow from your mind to your body
and you will get renewed."
I will miss you teacher. Love you.

POKER chips and dice...
This photo, in the name of gambling was nicely done
for the reflection it creates.
"What you do in life echoes thru eternity."
Makes you realize that when you do gamble, most of the time,
you just get back what you've bet. It just is a matter of time
for it to happen....
or to lose 'em all! It's your choice.


Gemilyn May said...

Ate Katrina :) i loved everything :) ahww.. i love the way you see life and can't help but agree with you :)
your thoughts inspires me and makes me realize alot of things :) i hope you're happy :) God Speed and take care :)

wendell said...

kyte! i love you hahaha :) thanks for including me in your journal. I want to do this as well ... It is very inspiring. I had the daily photo thingy, but i was not able to sustain it because of technical problems in my computer. And when I saw this, I think I can still make a photo journal - a monthly one that is. Thanks for the inspiration