Thursday, April 08, 2010

Magic of Shoes

- the cherry on top of the ice cream
- the most sought after when you dress up
- the one thing that keeps you grounded
- my collection

When I was young, my mom had always found my sense of style in choosing shoes incomprehensible yet amzing. I've always put up comfort first than style. When I invest on shoes, I make it a point that I invest on the best ones. It doesn't necessarily mean I go for the most expensive ones. Labels are an understatement. It is a good basis for finding the right one. However, timing is a substantial factor to consider as well.

- an essence...

You've got to pattern your shoe shopping to the events you're going to use them in respectively. Let's start with the my most need, a good running shoes and dancing shoes.

Being a dancer for almost 10 years now, it's always good to provide yourself with the most reliable pair. For jazz classes, CAPEZIO offers a very comfortable pair of goreboot. As they sell it on line, you'd find this escription of its offer: "Capezio's gore boot features an elastic gore inset on the sides glove-soft leat uper tha molds to your foot. The split rubber EVA sole patch and heel absorb shock and protects the joints allowing the dancer traction and full freedom of motion." Dance sneakerss' split ole bottom enhances your foot's arch. You can look up for SANSHA and CAPEZIO for i aswell. With tap shoes, I got mine from the same company, CAPEZIO but the one dancin pair you should be able to find at its finest are your ballroom shoes. It got to have style, comfort and funkiness all in one. A gold shimmering one never failed to make me bounce on a show or on any simple dne floor. It's always good to choose a color that matches most of your party dresses. The heels are supposed to be wide enough on the base so that your balance is well kept as you get tossed around and lifted up to snag that cutie's attention. When it's time to go for keeping your weight down and keeping yourself toned up, as you do track and field, running and just plainly playing a sport, MIZUNO, ADIDAS and NIKE are the best!

Time with heels? It could be dinner time, salsa time and date time.
If you know that you're going to sit most of the time, then it's safe to wear those expensive Manolo's. My NINE WEST and GUESS shoe pairs are not to be used in any of Lan Kwai Fong's up and down adventure. Having a car is beneficial but here in Hong Kong, it's all better to walk and gaze at what's around you. However, it's surrounded by a lot of up and away adventure, craziness here and there and a lot of bar hoppers that you yourself would get tempted to go with for the experience. So brace yourself with a lot of "oohs!" and "aahs!" as you go about it. My black Gladiator pair are the best one I've ever got and the one Mary Jane pair that guards my ankle enough as I strut the night away. Choose black as it goes with that freakum' dress you have on.

TIME ... translation = WEATHER!
UGG boots are the warmest pair I've ever got. One fluffy pair from Taiwan boosts up my self esteem. A black heeled boots are an essential as well. Cowboy ones... makes you edgy. White knee-high boots, I use itm ost of the time for dress-up/costume parties. It's a pair that shows "me" despite the role playing. At home, a cozy textile pair from H&M enables me to avoid numbness in my room.

Roman sandals for SUMMER gives nough "UMPH!" to a usual tank top and shorts. HAVAIANAS are flat but is made up of rubber suitable for any weight avoiding any knee injury. Though honestly speaking, whenever it's my first day to wear a newly bought pair, they give me blisters. I love the BRAZIL model. It's just so hot! Roman jellies are in. I would like to have a feel of that.

With the seasons in between SUMMER and WINTER, cage heels, typical peep toe pumps and spadrils, ankle boots, high cut rubber/sports shoes , rain boots, GLENBROOKS and utilitarian shoes are to be considered.

SUEDE, LEATHER, FURR, CANVAS, RUBBER and SANDALS, don't they just complete your whole vocabulary of shoes. In line with this are ways of taking care of them. Later on, I will feature ways of taking care your shoes. But for now, go and find the best pair you'd really want to invest on.

The most important TIME elemet you should consider is "AVOID BEING ON A HURRY" in looking for your match. Consider the occasions in the future, consider the color and consider the size. Even small difference in size can build you discomfort inside. You don't want to miss anything in a party, would you? Plus, choose the shoes when your feet are all swollen from a days work since that is ultimate size your feet could ever get into. After a days work when you've walked enough for blood to rush to your feet, making it a little bit loaded that from its size when you get up from bed, that' is its ultimate size.

Before leaving you with all these assignments, here are some reliable names to begin with. Check out the style and if you think there's a cheaper way to get them (not considering immitations of course - I strongly say "NO" to that!), then go on your own in getting it or having it made.
4. Steve Madden
10. UGG
14. D & G
20. LADIES' MARKET, I.T., FOREVER 21, PARISIAN, any local style

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