Friday, April 23, 2010


I see people come and go with the kind of work I have. ENTERTAINMENT. People just go with the flow, jumping from one place to another, catching you unaware. It's hard to establish genuine FRIENDSHIPS. Nevertheless, there are still some that I consider worth remembering.

A good lady named Mollie Seigle thought of giving away a lot of stuff she didn't need after her contract. She gave me a laptop and a guitar since it was also passed on to her when she came here in Hong Kong to work. I was so astounded when she really just gave it to me. She thought it would be terrible if she's to get profit from things that were given to her as well so, she just decided to bless me with it. She sings very well so I promised her I'd play for her one day if we cross paths again. I was excited as well with the laptop since I own a VAIO which has a smaller screen than the TOSHIBA one which I decided to give to Hogan, still, I can finally see my favorite series on line in a wider screen and the Spanish guitar was in beaming BLACK.

Reality is, I've never played but I've always wanted to. The moment I got hold of the guitar which I got to share with Hogan, I went on line right away to impress him with my playing the moment he arrived from his vacation. (I got it while he was away.) And so, I started with "One of Us" by Joan Osborne, taught of "Fallen" - Alicia Keys & "Every Little Thing" - MYMP by Aaron Jan Mercado and learned to play a lot more through At first, you really would have painful calluses forming at the tips of your fingers. (In my case, that I'm right-handed, my left finger tips suffered big time.) When I came across Gavin, a Hawaiian grown man, he was sharing to me that when he was starting too, the marker of his keyboard for placement of fingers (so that you wouldn't have to look at the your keyboard all the time while typing)? He said, he couldn't feel those anymore. That's how numb his fingertips had become. That didn't stop me though ladies and gentlemen, my passion for Music just grew more when I hear myself playing. The authentic Spanish sounds the guitar had been producing had me so addicted that the pain ain't a biggie anymore.

My simple rule is, with this new hobby, I would like to play songs that I can sing. It's hard to go to the next one if I can't sing them. That makes me go slow but, worth it still. MUSIC - the one that touches my soul and makes my heart start beating "good". I can't deny that I like hearing different genres, I see to it that I don't stick on something in particular. That's difficult to do. However, I would like to give honor to ALICIA KEYS who always captures my heart with the way she writes her songs. She's just "REAL".

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